BapronBaby Has You Covered

BapronBaby Has You Covered

Every meal, without fail, my one-year-old manages to yank her bib off her neck. Then, just for fun, she chucks it onto the floor so that all the food that was trapped in the bib ends up on the floor too.

It's a good time.

If only there was some kind of bib that was easy to clean, covered a large surface area,... and again, was easy to clean.

Behold, BapronBaby Baprons! I'll tell you what, these bib/apron hybrids are ah-mazing. They are large enough to cover a good amount of their clothing, preserving your little one's outfit past lunchtime. Yay for less laundry!

They also tie around your child's back rather than their neck to make it difficult for them to remove it themselves and less likely to irritate them or make them feel uncomfortable.

Speaking of laundry, their ezClean material is an eco-friendly polyester specially treated to make them waterproof, stain resistant and super easy to clean! You can simply run the whole bib under water and let it air-dry, or machine wash it when it needs a deeper clean. They are super lightweight too, which means your baby will never suspect that they are even wearing a bib!

You can even use them beyond mealtime for arts and crafts, baking and more!

Toddler Bapron - Bubblegum Floral
Toddler Bapron - Bubblegum Floral

BapronBaby Baprons are also designed to grow with your child! I love me a product that gets more than just a few months or even weeks of use. They will fit your child from 6 months to 3 years!

And did I mention the darling designs? From Dinos to Mermaids to Florals, I guarantee your kiddo will find one to suit their personality.

You can pick up a BapronBaby Bib in store or online at And while you're at it, pick up a second one. I promise you'll want more than one!

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