Video: Bath Safety featuring Boon

Video: Bath Safety featuring Boon

Boon has mastered the art of fun and safety for kiddos during bath time. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind in terms of bath toys is the potential for mold and mildew build up, especially in places you can't see. Just think of a Rubber Duck—when is the last time you cleaned out the inside of one of those? Probably never. But all that moisture locked inside can be unhealthy for your babe if bath toys make it into their mouth.

Boon creates toys like the Fleet Stacking Boats without any internal cavities, making them easy to clean and dry. Not to mention, the wide decks for scooping water and drainage holes for making a rain effect are especially fun for imaginative play. The Jellies Bath Toys have suction cups for sticking them together or on the side of the tub, and can also be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Another great Boon product to keep your kid safe in the bathtub is the Griffle Mat. With a suction cupped bottom and drainage holes all throughout, this mat stays put to keep your baby from slipping, and it dries quickly!

You can see some of these toys in action in the video below: 

Check out our website for other Boon products for both bath time and meal time!

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