Beach More, Worry Less

Beach More, Worry Less

Two summers ago I was incredibly ill with severe morning sickness from my second pregnancy. I was about ten weeks along when a family trip to the lake was planned and I just didn’t think I’d be able to go because of my health status. With a lot of encouragement and an undeniable case of FOMO (fear of missing out), I decided to brave the nausea and the unknown and tag along.

While there, I had a marvelous time. I found my newest craving in chips and salsa, I got some much needed play time with my then 20-month old son, and I was truly relaxed. Never mind the fact that I completely overdid it and ended up in the hospital less than 48 hours after the fact receiving IV fluids for dehydration… If you don’t know by now, pregnancy and I don’t mix well. Anyway, for now I just want to focus on the beach. There’s a reason sound machines come with the setting of “waves” or “beach sounds”. I’m telling you, the backdrop is pure magic! The sounds, the sunshine, and the oldest trick in the book of digging out a mini pool for the little ones to play in all add up to the perfect scenario: Paradise. Two of the most important things to keep in mind when visiting the beach with small kids and babies are safety and preparation.


Even the smallest amount of water can cause drowning, let alone large bodies of it! Keep an extremely close eye on little ones at all times and always be sure they’re wearing life jackets. Be mindful of dehydration, overheating, and sunburns. Always check the surrounding area for broken glass, large sticks and rocks, or other items that may be potentially hazardous.


A beach outing is just like every other outing when it comes to preparation. Times 100! You need all the things. When it comes to babies at the beach, here are a few of my favorite items to bring along: 1. A whole lot of towels! Something like a Turkish Towel is awesome because it dries quick and is lightweight. It doesn’t take up much space while packed, but is large when laid out for sun bathing or for wrapping up in.

Another great option, at least for seating, is a Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket. These are meant for the outdoors so are very durable and easy to clean when the day is said and done, and they have a built in fold-feature and a carrying handle!

Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket - Navy Gingham

2. Sunscreen! Duh. Reoccurring reapplications means this needs to tag along with you, not just be put on before walking out the door! Sun Bum has some great baby sunscreen options, including a face stick!

3. A fun brand I’ve just been introduced to is i play. I LOVE their reusable swim diapers (hello, major money savers!) and they also have a lot of options when it comes to sun hats. These are definite beach essentials, because they not only cover bald heads and hair parts, but they also shield a good portion of the face from the sun too!


4. All the snacks in the world. My mom introduced me to the genius word of sungry. Like when you’re at the beach or camping and everything tastes incredibly good, no matter what it is because you’re so wiped out from the sun that you’ve become sungry and you need all the food. Oh, and this also includes beverages! Drink your water, people!

5. A place to put it all! Logan & Lenora has an adorable palm tote that is large, waterproof, and perfect for the job!

Thank goodness it’s finally summertime because that very same lake is calling my name and you can bet I’m ready to take two kiddos with me to enjoy one of the greatest things life has to offer! Yes, it can easily be stressful; I’m not trying to deny that. But when I’m as prepared as possible, I usually find that I can still enjoy bits and pieces of serenity while my kids are legitimately having the time of their lives. Happy beaching, y’all!

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