Billy Bibs

Billy Bibs

When I first found out I was going to be a mom to a GIRL, I was filled with complete joy! I had said I’d be fine with another boy, and I probably would have been, but I truly felt overwhelming happiness that I would get the opportunity to have a little girl of my own. My husband, on the other hand, was filled with terror! He was so scared he wouldn’t know what to do with a girl – from day one all the way up to the teenage years and beyond. Well, I don’t yet know about the teenager side of things, but so far he’s been doing a great job at raising a little girl. In fact, their daddy-daughter relationship has been one of my favorite parts about having a girl. And just about everything else that comes with having a little lady! Here are a few specific things I just love!


Billy Bibs Bow Set


Yes, she’s not even two yet, and I acknowledge that she’s still got a lot of living to fully become herself. But, boy, is she a girl! She’s emotional, she’s loving and nurturing, she’s snuggly, and when she gets angry, she gets real angry. She is the ruler of the house, but she does it all with such grace and delicacy that I didn’t know could exist at such a young age. She has a tender heart, but a fierce spirit – she’s sugar and spice and everything nice!

Billy Bibs Reversible Bib
Billy Bibs Reversible Bib

Pink, pink, pink!

The color alone has never been my favorite, but shortly before she was born when I did a batch of laundry with her unworn clothes and cleaned the dryer filter out only to find pure pink lint and fluff, that’s when I really knew that this pink journey was going to be a fun one. It does make me glad that I didn’t have a girl first because girl stuff (pink stuff) is undeniable, whereas boy stuff and “boy colors” are easier to get away with when it comes to gender sharing and hand-me-downs.

Billy Bibs Lace Pacifier Clip

Accessories galore

I did have a moment of slight terror after cutting open a cake that was pink because I realized I would have no choice but to learn how to do hair! But the fear subsided, and the shopping commenced, and wow is it fun to shop for girls! When she came out with an inch and a half of thick dark hair all over her head I knew the hair accessories and bows would be put to great use! But it doesn’t just stop at hair! Bibs, footwear, pacifier clips, etc.--the list just kept growing. And it was one thing to buy a set of generic accessories from a grocery store, but once I got some accessories that I really truly loved, like ones from Billy Bibs, I especially couldn’t wait for the girl stuff to begin.

Built-in best friend

I don’t want to jinx myself by talking about this, but my favorite part about having a daughter is the friendship I have to look forward to with her for the rest of my life. Yes the accessories and pink are really fun, but it’s the relationship we have and will continue to have that I treasure the very most. I’m totally set with her by my side!

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