Blessing Outfits at The Baby Cubby

Blessing Outfits at The Baby Cubby

When our baby girl Sienna was about 3 months old, we had her blessed at our church, and like a lot of families, it was such a sweet, memorable experience for our whole family. We had extended family and friends there, and we really made a point to celebrate the sweet new spirit that came to our family.

But let me just tell you something about blessing dresses: it is nearly impossible to find the perfect one online! When I was shopping around for our daughter's dress, I was getting so frustrated. Everything I found was either way too over the top, or too simple, or WAY too expensive! Why can't I have the things that I want?! Eventually I ended up buying a dress that was 2 sizes too big, and had to do a whole bunch of mama alterations to make it work. In the end, it turned out looking gorgeous and I think she looked like a little angel.

But couldn't this have been a teeny bit easier? Like maybe having one place to go where I knew they carried dresses that had the style, fit, and price that I wanted?

Well for any mamas out there asking yourself the same questions, the Baby Cubby has answered your prayers! We carry blessing dresses and outfits in store, and soon all of them will be available online! If you're looking for the perfect blessing gown for your babe, and want to get your hands on one of these, you can always go in store and grab one, or call and order one to be shipped to you!

Here's a quick look at the gorgeous gowns and outfits that we carry, and just know I am genuinely jealous of every mama who gets to order any of them. Even though I wish I had known about them when we were blessing our babe, they're here for you to make your mama life so much easier to find the perfect gown or outfit for your little one's special day!

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