Bogs: Winter Boots Mom's Love and Kids Adore

Bogs: Winter Boots Mom's Love and Kids Adore

So, lets talk snow boots for a minute here. I know, I know, I know - you're thinking "Girrrrlllll, I can get $15 snowboots down at my local Wal-mart! Why would I want a pair of Bogs?" And then I'll say, "Sister, it is because Bogs are going to last you through ALL of your kids! Not just this winter!"


Lifetime Guarantee

And then the conversation will go like this: You: "Wait, what?! No way. No shoe lasts that long." Me: "True, no normal shoe lasts that long. But Bogs has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE." You: "What does that even mean?" Me: "Basically, if any of the seams pop, the stitching comes undone, or the soles get ruined Bogs will replace them for just the shipping costs." You: "But companies ALWAYS backtrack on that." Me: "Not Bogs. They have AMAZING customer service. They have literally made a product that will last you FOREVER and they want to make sure that you are 110% satisfied." You: "Ok, fine. Maybe they're that cool. But they're just a regular snowboot!" Me: " Just take a sit and let me tell you why I'm buying my daughter a pair!"

Mom's can Never Have Enough Convenience Features

Kids Boots

Ok my lovely friend. Lets do an exercise for a minute. Close your eyes. Now, think of winter. All the hot chocolate, sweaters, Christmas lights, soft Saranoni blankets, wet snow, thick socks, and hard water stains on shoes. Picture that last one really well. The fading that occurs, how dirty your kids' shoes get from the mineral deposits. Fun, right? But you can't wash that cheap plasticy snowboot because it will melt in the washer or the fabric will tear off. Well, that's probably one of the coolest things about Bogs. They are machine washable. MACHINE WASHABLE. You can't really get much better than that. Baby Bogs also have kid-friendly handles, making it so that any child can get them on without much effort! One of our resident Cubby Mom's, Katie, has also said that you don't have to have your child's foot just right to get it on like most snow boots. No. More. Struggling. Phew!

But How Waterproof Are They?

The answer to that is 100% waterproof. Unless of course your child decides to dump snow down their leg. We have no data on how waterproof they are at that point. But my guess: not very. Bogs are made with 3mm Neo-Tech, which is four layer flexible inner bootie that helps keep your little one dry and comfy! Another plus, they are tested for comfort all the way to 14 degrees Fahrenheit! That is cold. Real cold.

Kids Boots

So my friend, if you want some stylish and functional boots for your child that are going to last a loooooonnnnnggggg time, Bogs are the boot for you! Feel free to peruse them on our website or visit our baby store in Utah! Available in: Bogs Baby Classic - Flower Stripes Baby Bogs Classic Animals - Pink Multi Baby Bogs Classic Creepy Crawler - Gray Multi Baby Bogs Classic Camo - Royal Multi Baby Bogs Classic Solid - Black

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