Brands For Our Earth!

Brands For Our Earth!

The Earth sure takes a beating for us, doesn't it?! I am going to be completely honest here. Up until about two years ago, I wasn't very earth conscious. Not that I didn't appreciate this planet we call home, or that I spent my life trashing it. I just didn't spend much time trying to make earth-conscious decisions. Soon after becoming a parent, I decided it was time to be aware and make better decisions for the future of my family and our great big beautiful home! Luckily, these days, there are so many accessible products and options that are earth-minded! So, let's talk green baby stuff!!

Lassig Goldie Diaper Backpack

Guess what this amazing bag is made out of? Recycled plastic bottles!! How's that for a re-make of some single-use plastic! The material is certified Cyclepet which means that it is made from post-consumer, recycled PET containers and bottles. This process preserves not only resources, but above all, energy!

Lassig has multiple bags that are responsibly made from recycled products or manufactured with products that can be recycled at the end of its life! Not to mention that the features and accessories included with all of their bags are the organized mother's dream! You can check out each of these amazing bags on our site!

Lassig Glam Goldie Backpack - Anthracite

Nook Sleep Baby Mattress 

Do you know what your baby is sleeping on? There can be a lot more in and on a mattress when you buy it than meets the eye. Nook Sleep was not satisfied with the unknown chemicals used in production processes and materials. So they did something about it! Ever heard of an eco-friendly mattress?

The Pebble Lite is organic, hypoallergenic, and earth friendly thanks to what is it produced with and how it is produced! The core of this mattress is made with Non-Toxic Certi-PUR U.S. foam and recycled PETE (recycled BPA free water bottle plastic). The cover on the outside, the snuggly part actually touching your baby, is made from organic cotton and eucalyptus fibers. All of these things combined create the perfect breathable and safe mattress we are so in love with!

L'ovedbaby Organics

The shining star of L'ovedbaby is their cotton basics line. Beautiful, solid colored clothing for your baby that is 100% organic and free of toxins! They show their love for the Earth by showing their love for the people on it. Cotton Basics Collection™ was launched in 2005. Not too long after that, they decided to switch it all over to being made with 100% certified organic cotton.

They weren't only making decisions for their customers when going completely green. The parents behind L'ovedbaby want the parents working with the cotton to be safe, so they can go home to their kids for years to come! Farming cotton that isn't certified organic, poses a risk of serious illness for all involved because of the many carcinogenic pesticides still used on growing crops today. L'ovedbaby was not okay with that so they have made sure that those carcinogens are nowhere near their providers or the people they provide to!

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

These blocks are so rad! They promote complete imagination and innovation with the easy connection of magnets within the blocks. Tegu is based out of Honduras and was started by brothers Chris and Will Haughey. Their goal was to create a business that could foster and provide a positive social impact in the community around it. I'd say they have done a pretty amazing job!

The wood for all Tegu blocks comes from hand-picked, mature trees chosen by local Honduran cooperatives. This approach ensures that the wood is responsibly chosen and sourced to avoid the problems created by irresponsible wood harvesting. A sustainable process like this helps protect our dear Earth! On top of responsible product sourcing, Tegu provides living wages to all employees and focuses on long-term career growth for them!

Wink Naturals

I take the makeup of the things I slather onto my kids' skin, and let them take by mouth very seriously. They don't need any cheap stuff made with who-knows-what being absorbed into their little bodies! Like I said earlier, I haven't always been this way. We used to use inexpensive but well-known baby brands available at grocery stores. I made the switch when I started doing some research!

I'm not about to start protests or get all crazy on you, but I do think that some things are worth the extra dollars and safe/natural baby products are one of them! Every product Wink makes is completely safe and effective, backed by clinically based research AND manufactured in an FDA approved, GMP Certified manufacturing facility right here in the United States. ANNND they have products that are for mom and dad too! BONUS!!

Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys comes from Iowa and everything they make is made 100% here in the United States! They have the most classic and beautiful wooden toys that they were inspired to make after the old wooden toys found in their grandparent's homes. As we know, looks aren't everything and Bannor Toys takes that very seriously!

All the wood they use is natural maple, cherry, and walnut. All wooden products are finished with an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture that is all natural and non-toxic! So it is the perfect finish for baby's mouth.  The oil brings out the color and the beeswax provides durability.  What about paints and glue? All organic! They are 100% safe, lead-free, no VOC's, and non-toxic! This company is completely transparent about what they use for their products and have all their information on the website!

BIBS Pacifiers

These beautiful little binks are made from 100% natural latex which is so so good for the planet! They are also 100% free of BPA, Pthalates, and PVC. Good for baby, good for the planet, AND adorable. What else could we possibly want from a pacifier?!

My baby girl uses these pacifiers! They saved my sanity. Literally. We tried four other pacifiers prior to BIBS and she absolutely hated them. She just REALLY loved breastfeeding, but I needed her to have something else to soothe her too so I could function. I heard that BIBS was making breastfeeding babes happy all over, and I packed up my girls and went straight to The Baby Cubby to get some. She loved them and we were all saved!

Are you feeling intrigued yet? Honestly, as I have committed to the "more Earth-friendly" game, I have found that these type of products are actually better looking, more durable, and have such an amazing platform backing them! What's that? You would really love to win all of these products? OH GOOD! Be sure to visit our Instagram page to enter the giveaway for the chance to win, win, WIN!!! Our winner takes home a Goldie bag, a Nook mattress, and more from L'ovedbaby, BIBS, Bannor Toys, Wink Naturals and Tegu!

Now that I spend time and am invested in researching and making better choices for the Earth, I love brands like these so much more! I may not know anyone in the companies personally, but you can bet that I will be showing my appreciation and support through my dollars for the rest of my life! The Baby Cubby has plenty more of these Earth-friendly brands and we will continue to feature them throughout this week here on the blog so that you can see just how easy it is to send Mother Earth a virtual hug through the products we buy!

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Thanks for sharing! I’d never heard of Bannor toys or bibs pacifiers…?

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