Bump Update: Week 14

Bump Update: Week 14

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With week 14, you've officially moved into the second trimester. Hopefully, the worst of your nausea will begin to fade and you'll experience a "honeymoon period" of pregnancy where you have slightly more energy and less noticeable symptoms. Of course, there's an exception to every rule, but most women notice an overall improvement between weeks 14 and 20. This is because your body seems to know more of what it's doing, but you're not the size of a whale yet.

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Although you aren't yet large enough that everyone wants to rub your belly, some women begin to show at this time. No matter how big or small your belly is at this point, be aware that you might begin to experience some round ligament pain as your uterus grows and stretches all the surrounding tissue around it. Although no cause for alarm, round ligament pain can be irritating and sudden, so here are some ways to avoid it:

  • Stand up slowly (this will also reduce light-headedness).
  • Roll over slowly and carefully in bed.
  • If running causes round ligament pain, try walking for a longer period to get your exercise.

As some of your energy returns in this stage of your pregnancy, use it to your advantage. This may be a good time to deep clean your house, reorganize the garage, attic, or closets, or plan a babymoon trip with your spouse. Whatever your preference, know that this period of feeling good and energized is temporary, so make the best of it!  

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Baby used to jerk and twitch, but he is now developed enough that his movements are smooth and more controlled than before. Speaking of twitching, baby's brain has begun sending impulses to the face. Squinting, frowning, and other such expressions are helping baby to develop facial muscles.

The soft lanugo begins to grow all over your baby's body, a downy-like layer of hair. Your baby's body measures around 3.5 inches long and weighs 1.5 ounces, meaning it's roughly the size of a nectarine! If you're wondering what baby can do by this point, here are some new developments:

  • Baby's hands can grasp and he may suck his thumb.
  • Baby's kidneys are functioning and releasing urine into the fluid they ingest. This process repeats until they are born.
  • Liver and spleen begin to produce bile and red blood cells respectively, showing they are functioning properly.
  • Arms have now reached a more normal proportion to the body, and are becoming more active.

 Tip of the Week Header

Take some time to pamper yourself or schedule a self-care day. This could mean a mani/pedi, yoga, a special treat, or just something you enjoy. The first trimester can be a beast, but now you have a little more energy to treat yourself properly, so go ahead!   

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