Bump Update: Week 26

Bump Update: Week 26

This week you're dealing with a big tummy and feeling more tired than ever! Babe on the other hand is getting more active, and as he's gaining weight, he is starting to fill up his little home. Baby's eyes have made a huge step in development, and are now opening and closing in the womb. This week, baby has strong signs of brain activity, can dream, and will be responding positively (and sometimes negatively) to certain sounds.

This week you may have noticed a new friend has taken up residence underneath your t-shirt. Aw yes, the protruding belly button, thanks to the ever-growing tummy. Your uterus is now about 2.5 inches above your belly button, and will continue to travel upward as you get closer to delivering. Once your babe is here in the flesh, your belly button will probably go back to normal, but it may be a little bit bigger than when you remembered last. You're also probably dealing with increasing bouts of insomnia. This insomnia is common in nearly every pregnant woman, and can be caused by a few different things:

  • The bigger your tummy, the more pressure you're putting on your bladder.
  • Frequent nightly trips to the toilet.
  • More strain on your lower back, making it hard to get comfortable in any position (sorry hubbies).

While trying to find a comfortable position, make sure you're not sleeping on your back. Because of your growing uterus, it can cut off blood flow to your body if you lie on your back, so stick to the sides! You may also be stressing yourself out about labor, delivery, whether or not baby is doing alright in their tummy home, and how you are ever going to be a good mama. All of these feelings are normal, but do your best not to let them keep you up at night! You can try to get better sleep by exercising during the day, not napping too close to bed time, and maybe even taking a soothing bath or having a warm cup of tea before going to bed.  

This week, your babe is weighing in just over 1.5 pounds, and is about 14 inches long- about the size of a zucchini! You're definitely feeling the kicks, rolls, and punches by now, and that is definitely making it hard for you to get comfortable. The big shocker this week is that your little one can now open his eyes! They've been fused shut while the retina has been developing, but now they can catch a glimpse of their cozy surroundings. They'll be more receptive to changes in light and darkness now, which may explain some strong kicks when you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night. Another huge step in your baby's development is the ever-growing brain! Brain wave activity is kicking in, and your little one is responding to noises especially, and they are even dreaming sweet dreams while in your tummy.  

Start thinking about which recliner to order, because it can take about 10 weeks to order/ship.

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