Bump Update: Week 8

Bump Update: Week 8

Congratulations! You have been pregnant for two months! Even though it still doesn't look like you are pregnant, your symptoms are probably reminding you very often that you are. Those hormones sure are relentless!

You have probably heard many other mamas talk about their pregnancy cravings, right? Though you may not be craving pickles or odd concoctions, you could definitely be feeling a pull towards (or away from) very specific foods! Remember that even though you are "eating for two," you only need 300 extra calories (twin mamas get 600 extra, of course)! That whole pizza, and delicious pint of ice cream might be calling your name, but fight hard to still reach for those fruits and veggies!

Although you may not look pregnant, you are probably starting to feel more pregnant this week! Your uterus has grown a fair amount so your pants might start to feel tight thanks to the not-so-fun thing we call bloating. (Bleh!) This week, the dreaded morning sickness might have crept in. A whopping 75% of women experience this symptom, and for many of those women the word "morning" is very inaccurate. Perhaps it would more accurately be described as "all-day sickness"!

There is not a concrete answer for what causes nausea, fatigue, and vomiting, but some say it is likely caused by increased hormone levels and rapid changes within your body. For most women, this very draining symptom will subside between weeks 12 and 14. In the meantime, you can do your best to combat these symptoms by eating small amounts frequently. An empty stomach is not your friend! Because of how you are feeling, you will likely have some serious food aversion. There might not be many things that sound good, but you still want to try to reach for well rounded choices! Obviously, food is better than no food but your body still needs all of the nutrients it needed before you were pregnant, and more!

Your teeny babe is now weighing in at .04 ounces, and measuring a little less than one inch (that is 4x bigger than they were two weeks ago). Though they are very, very, little still they have been doing some serious developing. All four heart chambers have formed, and most of the other major organs are nearly complete too! This week, baby is working on the little details.

Teeny, tiny, webbed fingers and toes are starting to separate, and a little button nose is beginning to poke out right above a small upper lip! Babe's eye structures are now complete, and very thin eye lids are forming. Average heart rate still flutters around 150 beats per minute, and they could be starting to bump and nudge around! Your baby has now graduated to the fetus stage and is looking much more like a little human every day! Yay baby!

If you haven't, contact your insurance company to find doctors or providers near you that are covered. Once you have that figured out, do your research and decide who you trust! There are multiple providers that can help you in pregnancy and delivery: Obstetricians/Gynecologists (OBGYN), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Perinatologist Family Practitioners, or Doulas. Finding the best fit for you is extremely important!


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