Busy Toddler? We've Got Just The Thing

Busy Toddler? We've Got Just The Thing

Raise your hand if an energy drink could be named after your toddler.  We know the feeling. They are busy whether we like it or not.  It seems like they absorb so much so quickly.  And actually, they are!  A few posts back, we learned that play is the highest form a research.  Here are some fun toys that will channel your little one's energy and even teach them something in the process.  And who knows, they might even buy you a few minutes to have the luxury of using the bathroom by yourself.  Just think of it now...

Speaking of the bathroom, let's start with the bath toys.  Baths aren't just for night time, especially during these coming hot summer months.  It's the perfect opportunity to cool off and change up the usual routine a little bit.

These Boon Jellies for the bath are the perfect toy to keep those little wheels turning... in a way that won't have you pulling your hair out.  These colorful creatures stick to the sides of the tub and also to each other!   I mean, who doesn't love suction cups?!  You'll even enjoy them yourself as you help your toddler create their own little aquatic world with these bath time buddies.

Another bath toy that is tons of fun is the Skip Hop Sort and Spin Fishbowl Sorter.  Six sea-creature shaped squirters fit right in to the corresponding cut-outs on the fishbowl.  Your toddler will love playing the matching game, and then once everyone is in, spinning the fishbowl around to watch them all tumble out.  It's almost like a mess they are allowed to make.  That's a win win situation right there!

The Plan Toys Stacking Ring is a must have even if it just sits on your shelf, it's so beautifully made.  But the good news is, it won't just sit on your shelf.  Toddlers can't resist those bright colors! They will love experimenting with the order of the sizes and colors, you will love seeing their creative juices flowing!

Last but not least, the Skip Hop Busy Bead Tree.  Your little one will not even realize that they are working on their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination while they spin and glide the adorable creatures along.  Those busy little hands will be occupied for a while with all the possibilities nestled in this tree.

Happy playing!!

Written by Callie Lippard
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