Check It: Bumbleride Indie Accessories

Check It: Bumbleride Indie Accessories

Ok this amazing Bumbleride Indie  stroller can't get much better, but these accessories take it to the next level!

Let's pimp your stroller:

Bumbleride Indie Carrycot

This looks so dang comfortable, never have I been more jealous of a baby after seeing them all snug in their own little bassinet being wheeled around. It has got an ergonomic mattress pad, zip up cover and clips on and off the stroller with ease. The baby will never be interrupted and makes it so easy for them to sleep on the go.

Bumbleride Indie Mini Board

A toddlers dream come true, practically like a skateboard and they get to stand and ride and see what is going on all around them. Perfect for the child that is too old to stay in the stroller the entire outing but too young to walk the whole time too. It has a strong grip and swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability.

Bumbleride Indie Rain Cover

Just last week I was stuck at a park halfway around a lake (who the heck builds a park halfway around a lake?) while it was pouring rain on us, huddled with 10 other moms and their kids under the tiniest shelter you could imagine (another major park design flaw). Anyways, I really really could have used this rain cover! This one has a sleek design so it still looks great when in use, ventilated and non PVC plastic. Safe and functional!

Bumbleride Indie Snack Pack

Lets be real, your stroller is not complete without this handy snack pack. It installs perfectly onto the stroller, adding no extra clutter and has two handy compartments for everything you need to be hands free while out and about.
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