What You've Been Missing: The 4Moms Breeze

What You've Been Missing: The 4Moms Breeze

Let's talk about a little not-so-secret secret for a second; "baby" products are just as much for mom and dad as they are for the actual baby! Now that we have that on the table, we need to talk about one of our most favorite innovative baby (and mom) products the Breeze Play Yard by 4moms. First, let's give a little background on the company.


In 2005 two men saw a need, did research about that need with a focus group of four moms, and then developed (and named) a company based on the insights and ideas those moms provided them. Ten years later, they are producing top of the line products that have moms (and dads) falling in love with baby products every single day! Today we are highlighting their amazing  breeze play yard, but you should for sure check out the mamaRoo, and rockaRoo as well!  Now, let's talk about the genius breeze: When I pause and think about opening or closing a play yard I instantly remember the pain in my shin from being wacked by a wobbly side. Why must they be so difficult to open and close? Never fear, the breeze play yard is here! 4moms really hit the mark with this one. Breeze opens and closes with just one hand - yes it is that cool.

Dimensions and specs of the breeze are as follows:

  • Open: 45.5" x 32" x 29"h
  • Closed with mattress: 12.5" x 12.5" x 31"h
  • Product weight (playard and playard mattress): 30lbs
  • Play yard height limit: 35" child

Breeze Bassinet

The 4 Moms Breeze also comes fully equipped with an infant bassinet attachment, and a convenient travel bag. It is available with a blue or grey mat, and also has compatible Breeze Waterproof Sheet for the bed and bassinet. There isn't much else to say about it because it is simple, in a simply perfect way!

You can stop by our store in Lindon, Utah Monday - Saturday from 10-6 to experience the breeze in person, or head on over to babycubby.com!

P.S. If you are sick of dealing with strollers that are difficult to close or open then you REALLY should check out the 4Moms Origami Stroller! It automatically opens and closes itself. 'Nuff said.

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