Chicco BravoFor2 Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Chicco BravoFor2 Sit and Stand Double Stroller

The world of strollers can be overwhelming, particularly when you throw more than one kid into the mix and have to find a way to transport everybody! It's worth comparing several strollers to find the best fit for you.

Our latest arrival is the Chicco BravoFor2 Sit and Stand Double Stroller, which offers a traditional padded stroller seat along with a bonus back seat for your toddler or older little one! Here's a quick run-down of our latest arrival in double strollers:

Chicco BravoFor2 Sit and Stand Double Stroller

The ChiccoBravoFor2

This stroller does well in its class, as it offers sit-and-stand capabilities. If you're looking for a sit-and-stand that offers traditional stroller characteristics along with some added bonuses, the ChiccoBravoFor2 might just be the thing. Here are some helpful specs to consider:

Chicco BravoFor2 Sit and Stand Double Stroller

  • Compact folding
  • Traditional seat with 5-point-harness, canopy, and detachable tray for 6-month-old babies up to 40-pound children
  • Main seat folds forward to accept KeyFit or Fit2 carseats
  • Bonus back seat for 2.5-year-old children up to 40-pound children; it includes 3-point harness and easily folds away
  • Standing platform offers easy-grip handles and comfortable backrest
  • Fold/carry handle allows one-handed folding
  • Free standing when folded
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders and storage compartment
  • Padded push handle
  • Large storage basket with front and rear access
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs

Chicco BravoFor2 traditional seat and standing position

Chicco BravoFor2 normal seat and sitting toddler position

When compared with other strollers, the traits that set this one apart include the all-wheel suspension and the light weight of the stroller at 26
.5 lbs. In addition, it holds two kids at once, with options to change as each child grows. So whether your oldest wants to sit while the baby rides in his/her car seat, or wants to stand while your 6-month-old baby rides in a normal setup, you've got options! Here's how the Chicco BravoFor2 compares with some other popular strollers in its class:

The Baby Jogger City Select and City Mini GT

Much like the BravoFor2, the City Select Lux with second seat folds easily and has fully adjustable seats. You can add the glider board to add a second or third child. The City Select has front-wheel suspension, while the Lux matches the BravoFor2 with all-wheel suspension. However, the Baby Jogger City Select, with the added seat, also has a hand-operated brake, which is an added convenience that the BravoFor2 doesn't offer. The Baby Jogger stroller also holds up to 45 lbs per seat, which is a 5-pound advantage in weight capacity when compared to the Chicco BravoFor2. That being said, it takes added weight to hold more weight, so the City Select  and City Select Lux weigh in at 29.54 lbs and 30.4 lbs, respectively.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT holds up to 40 lbs and only weighs 26.5 lbs. All of these Baby Jogger models have hand-operated breaks and fully adjustable seats including a recline mode.

As for adapting to other travel systems, The Baby Jogger City Select works with the BOB Safe and Britax B-Safe car seats, along with other car seats and their separately sold adapters. The advantage in getting the Chicco BravoFor2 would be if you already own a Chicco car seat and want to stay within the same travel system. The Chicco BravoFor2 is also lighter.

The UPPAbaby Vista

With multiple configurations, the UPPAbaby Vista adapts to hold up to 3 children at once. Much like the above-mentioned competitors, the UPPAbaby Vista folds in one step and stands after it has been folded. This stroller sports extra-large sun shades and adjustable footrests and deep recline seats. The recline feature is accomplished with one hand.

UPPAbaby 2017 VISTA Convertible Stroller Bundle for 3 Children

It compares well to the Chicco BravoFor2 with an extra-large and easy-access basket. The toddler seat holds up to 50 lbs, with the rumble seat holding up to 35 lbs. This makes the weight capacity comparable, if not better than the above-mentioned strollers. In addition, the Vista weighs only 27.5 lbs, so it's a good weight-capacity vs. actual weight ratio for easy folding and pulling it out of the car on-the-go. All compatible car seats require an additional adapter, except the UPPAbaby Mesa. The other plus you get with The Vista is a baby bassinet attachment that holds up to 20 lbs. Although this stroller wins in weight, it doesn't necessarily work with many different car seats.

So if you're looking for a stroller to handle a lot of kids and not weigh much, it'll be The Vista. The Baby Jogger strollers are always reliable, and the Chicco BravoFor2 has everything a double stroller should have. In the end, it's about what's right for you and your brood.

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