Choosing the RIght Carrier

Choosing the RIght Carrier

Wearing your baby is a great way to free up your hands, soothe your babe, or get a little extra cuddle time with your little. Mamas wear their babes when their in the house, at the grocery store, or at the park, but it can be hard to decide what the best carrier is for you when there are so many options.

When it comes to baby carrying, we've broken it down to three main groups: Soft Structured Carriers, Wraps, and Ring Slings. Here's some info on them, why you might want one over the others, and some Cubby favorites to help make your carrying choice a little easier!

Soft Structured Carriers

These backpack style carriers are very popular for parents who don't want to fuss with learning different wraps or wearing positions when carrying babe. These carriers are great for parents who plan on carrying their baby into the toddler years, because they often accommodate more weight, and can be easily adjusted for a growing little.

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

Who Will Love This Carrier? 

Parents who expect to wear their little one for longer periods of time-The shoulder straps and overall design of most structured carriers distributes your child's weight to take a lot of a pressure off your back and shoulders.

Parents who want to allow for different people to carry baby-- Because they're so easy to put on and adjust to your size, these carriers are great for switching between parents or sitters while wearing baby when you're out and about.

Things to Consider...

Able to carry on front, hip or back, and can face either direction (depending on brand).

Make sure and test a structured carrier before purchasing to ensure that your baby's knees sit above their hips and that their thighs are supported (this helps to prevent hip dysplasia).

Because these carriers can be used for longer and have good back support, they are often more expensive, so look at it as an investment if you choose this type of carrier.

Our Top Pick: Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

This pack is great for any parent who wants to have options while carrying their baby, but wants maximum comfort for minimum effort. This carrier lets you wear front (forward and chest facing), back, and hip, and is super durable and easy to adjust. This is a great option for parents who love being outdoors, want hands free when they're shopping, and want a comfortable carry for themselves and baby!

Happy Baby Wrap - Ombre


Soft stretchy wraps are a super popular carrying option for mamas who want to maximize contact with newborns and infants while still having hands free. Generally these wraps will be a long piece of stretchy fabric that when wrapped correctly will support your little one's weight for a womb-like carry.

Who Will Love This Carrier?

Mamas who want to cuddle their newborns for calming, sleeping, or to encourage breastfeeding.

Parents who want a super natural/close carry, and the ability to adjust to different situations like napping, nursing, or while you're out and about.

Things to Consider...

These wraps are made from long pieces of fabric, and it's a little bit of a learning process to get the wraps correct for different carries.

Not the best option for parents who are planning on taking baby in and out often, so they're ideal for tiny babies who don't move around too much.

Wraps will start to get more uncomfortable the bigger your babe gets, so they tend to cycle out of use around the 20lb mark, so aren't a great option for parents that want to carry toddlers.

Our Top Pick: Happy Baby Wrap

This wrap is super comfortable, and made from soft, and breathable bamboo cotton. This is a great option for parents who live in hot climates that don't want their little to get overheated while you're carrying them. Once you've learned the wrap, you can quickly slip your little one in and have hands free while you're getting a little extra chest-to-chest time with your little one. Thanks to the width of the wrap the weight is distributed across your back and shoulders to make it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Sakura Bloom Classic Sling - Flax with Gold Rings

Ring Slings

Similar to the stretchy wraps, Ring Slings are generally made of woven wraps that are threaded through two sturdy rings that support your little one's weight using the tension of the fabric. Ring Slings are great for carrying wiggly babes, because you simply have to loosen up the rings to release your little one, and tighten it once you're carrying again. Because they are slightly sturdier than stretchy wraps your able to wear from newborn to toddlers.

Who Will Love This Carrier?

Anyone who wants to wear for short periods of time with minimal effort to strap baby in.

Parents with indecisive little ones who want to switch between walking around to being carried.

Parents who want the option to carry from newborn up to toddler.

Things to Consider...

Can be worn front, hip, and back (depending on child's age).

You'll need to learn the correct way to position your child so that their legs/hips are positioned correctly.

Ring Slings will generally place the majority of the stress on one shoulder, so these carriers aren't ideal for anyone with back or shoulder problems or to be worn for long periods of time.

Because they're so quick and easy to use they are often a little more expensive than a stretchy wrap, but can also accommodate heavier kids.

Our Top Pick: Sakura Bloom Sling

These slings are made from high-quality fabrics that are not only more comfortable, but are naturally antimicrobial. They are designed to allow for carrying newborn-35lbs, and become softer the longer you use it! The wearing options help to mimic in-arm carrying, and the fabric is self-whicking and helps to regulate your little one's body temperature while you're wearing them.

No matter where, why, or how long you choose to wear your little one, keep this guide in mind to help narrow down your choices! With all sorts of options to fit your lifestyle and wearing preferences you can be sure to find the carrier that makes you and babe the most comfortable!

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