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Christmas Pajamas: A Holiday Tradition

Christmas Pajamas: A Holiday Tradition - The Baby Cubby

Nothing screams nostalgia quite like the Christmas season. Making gingerbread houses, driving around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, picking out a tree, watching a Christmas movie, and picking out the year’s tree ornament are all treasured memories of mine growing up. The traditions around Christmas are what make the season so special. But do you know what tradition keeps on giving all month long? Christmas pajamas.

That’s right, Christmas jammies. Your kids can wear them all month long and instantly happy memories of running down the stairs to a living room filled with Santa’s presents fill both your and your child’s mind. As an adult you now feel the struggle of the 5:30 a.m. wake up call you gave your parents, but nonetheless you are filled with the Christmas spirit seeing your giddy children snuggled up in their festive pajamas all season long. 

The line up this year is to die for. I may or may not have already bought some for myself. 

Milk and Cookies Set

Milk & Cookies Tee and Pant Pj Set - Zinc - BURT

I mean come on! Can you look at these and not have to have them? Their muted colors with a hint of holiday red are everything. Even dad will be excited to wear them. Don’t get me started on the cute milk and cookies art that is sure to make you think of the magic of Santa coming Christmas Eve night.

Blue Ornament Lounge Set

Blue Ornaments Lounge Wear Set - ANGD

What could be cuter than calling toddler pajamas a lounge set? Next time the cashier at the store says, “Oh, I see it is a jammie day,” at four in the afternoon I can say, "Actually this is a lounge set, thank you very much." Honestly though, who is going to say a word if your sweet babe wears this jolly jammer set all day everyday? Not me.

The Organic Long John Skier Pajamas

Organic Long John Pajamas - Skiers - Natural - RC

But why can’t these come in big kid sizes (and adult sizes)? The minimalist art and neutral colors are exactly what I need in pretty much everything. They give off a fancy pants Aspen vibe. What is fantastic about these holiday pajamas is they can be worn starting now right on through winter. 

Beary Special Fair Isle Tee and Pant Pj Set

Beary Special Fair Isle Tee and Pant Pj Set - Cardinal - BURT

Last, but certainly not least, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Scandinavian print pajama? The holiday colors and prints are festive enough for the season but also subtle enough to be worn all winter long by the whole family.

Which set will your kids be in when you take their picture in front of the tree? Or even a whole family picture? I know it will be hard to just choose one set. Maybe you need two sets though. Maybe I need two pairs of Christmas pajamas--one for pictures with Santa and another to ride The Polar Express. Who knows, maybe even your scout elf could bring your kids pajamas?

Don’t miss out on making Christmas memories in these merry pajamas available at

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