Chronicle Books: Read All About It

Chronicle Books: Read All About It

Today, all Chronicle Books are 15% off for our Twelve Days of Christmas! It's the perfect time to gather some new stories to gift or to add to your own library!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is incorporating a Christmas book advent calendar! Does your family do something similar? Essentially it consists of wrapping 24 books at the beginning of December and allowing your kiddos to open one each night as a countdown to Christmas.

Construction Site on Christmas Night is a darling little tale of Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer building a new home for fire engines as a Christmas surprise.

Construction Site on Christmas Night Book
Construction Site on Christmas Night Book

Christmas is Coming - An Advent Book makes holiday traditions easy by providing you with a new activity for every day of December, such as crafts, games, recipes, stories and more!

Christmas is Coming - An Advent Book

This sale is a great opportunity to add to your year-round library, not just your Christmas collection.

Love Is is likely one of my favorite children's books. It tells the sweetest story of a girl and her baby duckling, who she cares for as it grows into a full grown duck. She then has to return him to the pond, and wonders if the duck will ever visit her, and one day, the duck comes back - with six ducklings of her own. Keep a tissue handy with this one!

I, for one, get a huge kick out of the things that come out of my kid's mouth. They really do say the darndest things! My Quotable Kid makes recording their clever words easy and will surely be a journal you'll love to read over and over again.

Remember, you can snag all Chronicle Books for 15% off today only!

Find all these books and many more great reads in store or online and

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