City Mini GT vs. City Mini GT Anniversary Edition

City Mini GT vs. City Mini GT Anniversary Edition

If you're one of the mamas out there who LOVES the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, then you are going to faint when you lay your eyes on the new limited edition City Mini GT Anniversary Edition. Baby Jogger has released this beauty for the 10-year anniversary of the GT, and we are so excited about the upgrades!

The limited edition GT has some luxe upgrades that not only make it a gorgeous stroller, but make it more comfortable for your babe!

The fabric has been upgraded from the GT's standard nylon to Baby Jogger's athleisure material which makes it a little more soft and silky, and ends up being a bit more padded than the City Mini GT.

Just like the GT, the Anniversary Edition has the generous canopy, the lay-flat recline, and the all-terrain tires that make it a super comfortable ride for your little ones. For babes who are spending a lot of time in their stroller, and naps need to happen on the go, these features are going to change your life!

Something that the GT Anniversary Edition has that doesn't come standard with the City Mini GT is the belly bar (sold separately with the GT). The belly bar comes off super easily and is a great way to keep your little one entertained without having to shovel those toys out from behind their bum, or worry about them being tossed out.

Both the GT and the limited edition GT have the adjustable handlebar that can accommodate taller parents, and the all-terrain tires that make a smoother ride for babe and also make it easier on you while you're cruising with your little all over town. The strollers feature the one-handed fold which makes it so easy for you to take from the trunk to the road, and then fold it back up without breaking a sweat.

The Anniversary Edition has the mama style all figured out and includes gorgeous leather accents on the harness and strap covers, as well as the stitching. It just takes the Baby Jogger beauty to a whole other level, mama!

The price difference between the City Mini GT and the GT Anniversary Edition is $30, and the upgrades make it totally worth it!

Thanks to the city-ready style and the slick ride for your little, you'll be singing Happy Birthday to the City Mini GT every time you and babe head out!

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