City Tour vs. City Tour Lux

City Tour vs. City Tour Lux

If you have heard of the Baby Jogger brand, then you probably about the City Select and City Select Lux Strollers. But, did you know that they make smaller strollers that are much more travel friendly? Well...they do, and they are amazing!

Both the City Tour and the City Tour Lux are designed to be the ultimate travel stroller, while still having features and maneuverability that keep your adventuring smooth sailing. The Tour Lux is not on the market yet, but will be in the Spring of 2018. So, if you will be in the market for a travel-friendly stroller within this next year, you have both options! Let's do a bit of a comparison, shall we?

Type, Weight, and Size

The City Tour is a fixed seat stroller, and the Tour Lux is a modular stroller. Modular means that the seat can be removed and turned forwards, or backwards. Now about weight; Tour Lux weighs in at 19 lbs while the Tour only weighs 14.2 lbs. 

In addition to weighing less, the Tour is overall a more compact stroller when folded and unfolded. Are you looking for the lightest and most compact, or a little bigger with a few more features? Think about it as we go on!

Age and Weight Limits

You can start using City Tour at 6 months, up to 45 lbs. The Tour Lux is suitable for 3 months up to 45 lbs, and is also compatible with car seat adapters. That means you can use your car seat in your frame for children younger than 3 months old. For some, the simplicity of the stroller is ruined by adapters and seat changes, and for others those things are more appealing. What would you prefer?

Comfort Features

The Tour Lux has all of the features that the classic Tour has, as well as a few upgrades that make the ride even sweeter. What are the differences? With the Tour Lux you get a larger canopy, adjustable foot rest, larger seat, and more padding in the seat.

Both seats have a full recline, but getting the seats reclined is different on both strollers. To recline the seat on the Tour you simply pinch together a clasp and pull the seat down to recline. Reclining the Tour Lux is done by pushing in a button. So, this might not be considered a comfort feature for the baby, but a good storage basket is definitely a comfort feature for mom and dad!

Both of these strollers have a functional storage basket underneath the seat. The Tour Lux basket is slightly larger, but both are a good enough size to put items in that you don't want falling out of, or off, the stroller as you are on the go. Anything to help you feel less like a pack mule, right?!

Safety and Accessories

Of course every stroller needs to have a brake, especially when you are traveling. You don't want to ruin a vacation with a getaway stroller! You will find a standard foot brake on the Tour and a hand brake on the Tour Lux.  Both strollers come standard with a backpack-style travel bag.

The fact that the strollers fit into a backpack, and you can use your arms for something else, is amazing! It took me one airport visit to realize the beauty of a stroller that can easily disappear and not be just another thing your hands need to keep track of.

The Tour Lux has additional compatible accessories as well; a cup holder for mom and dad, belly bar, detachable bassinet, and car seat adapters as I mentioned earlier. Compatible car seats for this stroller are Baby Jogger, Britax, Cybex, Graco, and Maxi-Cosi.

If you are going to be traveling by air with an infant, and are planning on purchasing a ticket to secure their car seat into on the plane, this is a game changer. Baby can travel with much less disturbance, and hopefully just sleep whenever they need to!

The Fold

A quick fold might just be the deal-sealing feature for me. Both Tour models fold quickly and easily! Two easy steps for the Tour and three easy steps for the Tour Lux. The Tour Lux will stand when folded and has a shoulder strap, but remember that both of them pop perfectly into their travel backpacks too!

Are you convinced yet?! Let me tell you that my first thought about travel strollers was "unnecessary" especially if you have a nice stroller that accommodates all your needs. Then, I took my stroller through the airport. HOLY TOLEDO. I wanted to pull my hair out so many times because you are expected to just whip that thing open and shut and have it plane ready in the blink of any eye multiple times in your journey. No, thank you!!

I am definitely saving up my spare change to get one of these sweet babies for the next big flight experience I have! Want to test it out in person? Come visit us at our new store!! Nobody needs extra hassle on vacation, so let's get your stroller situation spiffed right up!

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Hi Araceli, you’ll have to look on Facebook marketplace or Mercado to find that adapter since they don’t make them anymore.

The Baby Cubby

Where could I find car seat adapter for the tour lux? I can’t seem to find any for Graco or chicco.

Araceli Hernandez

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