Clementine Kids Quilts are a Blanket Lover's Dream

Clementine Kids Quilts are a Blanket Lover's Dream

It's time for me to face the facts-- my little babe is a blanket lover. It took me a few months to realize that she carries it everywhere, insists on taking it with her in the car, has a hard time parting with it when we head into the store, and asks for it whenever she's sad. Yep. My girl loves her blankie.

So I've decided she probably deserves a bit of an upgrade from the minky receiving blanket she's been working with for almost 2 years. And I've decided that Clementine Kids Quilts are simply too cute to pass up!

I absolutely love that these quilts are reversible, and have adorable patterns on both sides. The little girl patterns with florals and coordinating patterns are just so sweet.

The blankets are made with love and care, just like all of their swaddles, bibs, and crib sheets, and they're designed by a mama who loves to snuggle her babe in color and softness. Clementine Kids always does a good job of having unique, fun prints for boys and girls and they're always coming out with new designs!

Clementine Quilts are also thick and comfy-- they're made from 4 layers of cotton muslin which is super breathable, so you won't have to worry about your little having it with them in the car or crib. They're machine washable and get softer and softer the longer they're loved.

If you're anything like me, and basically cringe anytime your kids bring one of their dingy security blankets or toys out into the light of day for fear of revulsion from other parents, then you'll know all about how nice it is to have an adorable blanket that can go wherever with your babe, and can be thrown into the wash whenever you need!

Here are a couple of my favorite prints for my little blanket lover that I think you'll die over! Come in store and get a look at our selection in person, or snag a couple online with free shipping! Make sure and join our email list for a discount when you check out!


Buttercup Blossom


Raspberry Peony


If you have a blanket lover who needs a new love to carry around with her, check out Clementine Kids Quilts, and you'll love the fun colors and comfy cuddles!

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