Comotomo to the Rescue

Comotomo to the Rescue

Before returning to work, I was exclusively breastfeeding my baby.

When the end of my maternity leave was approaching, I realized I needed to acquire the necessary equipment to allow my husband to feed the baby while I was away.

Now, what I wasn't aware of as a new mommy was a little (common) issue called "bottle rejection." My little lady just wasn't a fan of the bottle. There I was thinking that any ol' bottle would get the job done, but it was surprisingly tricky to get her to eat from a bottle. After trying an assortment of bottles that claimed to be the best on the market, I turned to Comotomo. I had heard about how amazing Comotomo bottles were for breastfed babies, and I was sure glad I gave them a shot! They truly were a game changer.

The skin-like food-grade silicone bottle is meant to feel like mom's breast to soothe and comfort baby. Another great benefit the silicone has is that it allows you to gently squeeze the bottle to simulate let-down, which is a perk if you have a breastfed baby who is used to that. They come in both 5-ounce and 8-ounce sizes.

The nipples were also thoughtfully designed to be as breast-like as possible with a wider shield. They also feature dual air vents, which means your baby will swallow milk and not air--because colic isn't pleasant for anyone. They also come in a variety of flow speeds: slow (0-3 months), medium (3-6 months), fast (6+ months), and variable (6+ months).

The wide-mouth design makes these bottle extremely easy to clean! And there are also only 3 pieces to wash: the bottle, the nipple, and the ring. Even better, they are top-rack dishwasher safe! I have used these bottles over and over and they haven't yellowed or developed any kind of smell, and the silicone seems to dry faster than traditional plastic bottles. Comotomo does recommend switching out the nipples approximately every 3 months, and replacing the bottles every 6 months.

If you've been on the fence about trying Comotomo bottles, I suggest you just give them a try! You can shop in store or online at

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