Video: Comparing 4moms breeze plus v. Bugaboo Stardust

Video: Comparing 4moms breeze plus v. Bugaboo Stardust

Are you debating which playard to purchase? In this blog post and video, we'll go over the similarities and differences of two portable crib brands to help you make your decision!

The 4moms breeze plus has the classic playard shape—it's wide to give your baby plenty of space for independent play. That being said, it's a bit heavier and bulkier—about 23 pounds on its own, and if you add the bassinet and changer, it’s closer to 29 pounds. On the other hand, the new Bugaboo Stardust has more of a classic crib shape. It's a little taller and skinnier, with a more minimal design, and weighs only 15 lbs. Something to consider is that the 4moms breeze plus comes with a flip-down changer that attaches to the top of the playard frame. The Bugaboo Stardust does not have this feature. 

Something else to consider is the footprint of each playard when they're folded up and stored away. With the 4moms breeze plus, you can fold it with one hand using the easy pull tab in the bottom. To fold it, you have to remove the mattress and the bassinet insert. Once collapsed, it stands on its own in a square, tube-like shape and you can use the velcro on the edges of the mattress to enclose it and store it in the included travel bag.

The Bugaboo Stardust is one of the only playards we've seen where you can keep the mattress in it as you fold it up. You do have to take the bassinet insert out, but it's all fabric and folds up really small separately. This playard also stands up on its own. The Stardust's fold is more skinny and long than the breeze plus, but luckily each of their bassinet inserts will fit easily into their respective travel bags. The breeze plus' flip-down changer cannot fit in the travel bag with rest of the main pieces, so that's something to consider.

Depending on the space in your home and on your specific needs, either of these playards are a great option. They're both durable, well-made, and easy to use.

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