Video: Comparing the 5 Nuna PIPA Models

Video: Comparing the 5 Nuna PIPA Models

Have you ever wondered about the difference between all the Nuna PIPA models? Well, we have a complete breakdown for you!

First off, let's give you a list of the PIPA models so you see what we're working with. Here they are in order of when they were released on the market:

There are essentially two classes: the regular PIPAs and the PIPA Lites. Nuna is known for having one of the lightest car seats on the market, so if you're looking for something truly lightweight, the Lites are the way to go. They weigh just over 5 lbs. The only difference is that the Lite and Lite r do not have a Dream Drape in the canopy, and the Lite LX does.

The original PIPA and the PIPA rx weigh a little bit more—about 8 lbs and 7.5 lbs respectively, and this is because they have a few more features. Each of these have the pull down Dream Drape, a peekaboo window in the canopy, and the hardware to give you the option to install the car seat with just a seatbelt. (The Lites must be installed with the included bases because they do not have a European belt path.)

I also want to touch on the r series of PIPAs. These two car seats have some updates that elevate them above the original PIPAs. On top of upgraded fabrics and branding points, the PIPA rx and Lite r have a new base. Instead of the PIPA series base, Nuna has released the new RELX base. It has easily-adjustable recline positions instead of a single-position recline with a flip foot. The recline positions are clearly labeled so you don't have to rely on a bubble indicator. Additionally, the updated 3-section load leg is more adjustable to accommodate even middle seats. Lastly, the LATCH connectors within the base are more adjustable to reach the anchors your vehicle. They include a setting to push the added rebound car closer against the vehicle seat for a truly secure install. In our opinion, the RELX base is one of the best improvements to the entire collection of PIPAs!

We hope this post and video were helpful as you're deciding which PIPA to get for your babe! We simply love these models, so you can't go wrong with any of them.


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