Crazy For Saranoni

Crazy For Saranoni

The most beloved item that both of my kids possess is a blanket. The blankets go with us everywhere--planes, car rides, park trips, and even in the bathtub. These are not any mere blankets though. No, the blankets that reign supreme in our house are the lush Saranonis or “nonis” as my children call them. 

These blankets are plush, lush, and so delicious. They’ll give you baby fever just feeling them. They are perfect for babies (obviously this has been overly stated above), but also perfect for toddlers, teens, moms, dads, grandmas... literally anyone who loves a good snuggle.

Saranoni just launched a few new colors, and we are pretty pumped about it. The colors clay and dew are now available at The Baby Cubby in stores and online, in all sizes!

Clay, their beautiful terracotta color, is stunning and would be perfect for a boy or a girl. While the dew color is a bright soft blue that would enhance any room.

Some of our other favorite items we love from Saranoni include their bamboni blankets: a soft and stretchy blanket that is plush and has sherpa type feel. 

Saranoni’s lush home throws measure 50” x 60”, and have a beautiful wave texture to them. They make a beautiful throw, but are large enough to snuggle up in.

One of our favorite Saranoni items is their mini sizes, a blanket that is perfect for your little snuggler that always has to have their blanket with them. This mini-sized blanket can go everywhere without dragging on the ground, taking up a ton of space.

Ever envied a swaddled baby? With the XL Bamboo Muslin Quilt, you don’t have to be envious any longer. This doubled-layered blanket uses the same material of their beloved muslin swaddles. Combine that with its oversized size, it would make a perfect Father’s Day gift! 

We’re pretty crazy about Saranoni, and super excited to add their new colors to our selection. We know you’ll be hooked too the second you feel and see them in person! Check them out online or in our stores.

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