How to Dad: Best Shows For You and Your Toddler

How to Dad: Best Shows For You and Your Toddler

Like many people across the world, I feel that one of the worst forms of punishment is watching children’s programming. It can drive you insane.

My two-year-old son loves watching such shows. Feeling powerless, I will concede the TV to him because I realize that some of these shows actually do have educational value and can really help him. To avoid walking into oncoming traffic after suffering through such programming, here are four children’s shows that are bearable.

No. 1: Wallykazam!

This show is my favorite show for kids. I would dare to say that I love Wally as much as my son. The theme song is great, the content is great and my son learns a lot from the show. This show follows Wally Trollman and his magic stick that can make words appear. Wally lives in a mythical world with dragons, trolls, goblins, ogres, giants and witches. In this world, Wally will make a letter of the episode and use that letter to create objects with those letters. For example, if the letter is P and Wally and his friends are stuck, he’ll ask, "what starts with a P? Pogo stick or trampoline?" Once the child has answered, Wally will affirm the correct response and a pogo stick will appear and get them out of their jam. This show wins solely based on the theme song, but my son has widened his vocabulary tremendously as well.

No. 2: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Whether I like a show or not depends a great deal on the theme song. Because these shows will play on repeat, having a show that has a great song does wonders. Like Wallykazam!, this show has a great theme song. Not only is the song great, but my son also learns about teamwork and why you need to share. The show follows Jake and his pirate friends in a constant struggle with Captain Hook and his crew’s hijinks. Captain Hook is always defeated and friendship always wins. Not only do I feel like the substance of the show is good, but it also provides plenty of nostalgia for me as I watch with him. If you grew up on Disney movies, this show will fit seamlessly in your life.

No 3: Blaze and the Monster Machines

This show has it all; the theme song is great, the content is great, just everything about this show is great. My son loves trucks, so having a show that is about learning and monster trucks speaks to him. This show follows Blaze and his monster truck friends while they do monster truck things. However, they have a rival in town named Crusher who tries to stop Blaze any way they can. When problems arise from Crusher, Blaze and his friends will solve the problem, while asking the audience questions and waiting for their response. When my son nails the question, I'm one proud father. This one might get tiresome at times, but overall it’s a great children’s show.

No 4: Paw Patrol 

"Paw Patrol" does lose some points with me because the same songs appear on every single episode. However, my son’s love for trucks and dogs is why this is in the top four. "Paw Patrol" is about a group of pups that work with their master, Ryder, to help their small town with problems from landslides to a cat stuck in a tree. The dogs are all first responders and have trucks to match their skills to get the job done. This one will get on my nerves a bit, but watching my son watch the show is more entertaining than the show itself. He will watch the drama ensue, hold his breath while they accomplish a task, then cheer when they finish.

So snuggle up with your favorite pillow, enjoy the good theme songs, and digest the education! Good luck finding the perfect shows for you and your kid.

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