Dad's Diaper Bag Picks

Dad's Diaper Bag Picks

Every morning, I go to the gym to get ready for my day. In that time, I am confronted with the same ad on my Pandora playlist for men’s vitamins.

In this ad, it talks about how men want to look manly while doing unseemly manly things. One of the things listed in the ad is looking like a man while carrying a diaper bag. There is an overall feeling that men should have manly diaper bags, but that isn’t always the case with baby stuff. Many fathers feel that the diaper bags, baby carriers, and everything else associated with our babies, are made just for women. That isn’t true. I’ll prove it with these three amazing diaper bags that any dad would be proud to sport out in public.

No. 1 : Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Pathway Pack

 Don’t let the name of this sporty bag fool you. Although the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags don’t come off as having a rugged, manly name, the color and style of this bag does not scream girl. This diaper bag looks and feels like a regular messenger bag and has become very popular for both men and women. If you’re the type of dad that likes to take all the grocery bags inside the house in one trip, this bag is the bag for you.

No. 2: Little Unicorn Marindale Backpack

 Maybe you’re not the type that wants to sling a diaper bag over your shoulder with a messenger type bag, but instead, would like a backpack type. This bag not only looks nice featuring a canvas and leather look, but it’s very durable and practical. This bag has seven pockets for storing your child’s snacks and supplies for the day. This bag also has a matching changing pad, stroller straps and comfortable shoulder straps that make it feel like you’re not carrying a pack up the Himalayas.

No. 3: Ju Ju Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag

 It’s all in the name. This diaper bag will become your best friend forever. When it comes to a diaper bag, you can’t have too many pockets. My wife and I like to fill our bag with diapers, snacks, extra clothes and anything else we might need. This bag has so many pockets, we always follow the Boy Scouts of America motto ("Be Prepared).

The Bottom line

These three bags are great for getting the job done. None of these bags will question your manliness, so you’ll be good to fly your dad flag high. 

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