Deal of the Week: 15% OFF Little Unicorn Quilts!

Deal of the Week: 15% OFF Little Unicorn Quilts!

I love Little Unicorn quilts, one of my top baby gear must-haves! I got one of these for each of my babies and they have been my very favorite blankets. They are so, so soft, hold up well after being washed a million times, and the designs are so precious. These quilts are insanely popular right now and for good reason. They have stood the test of time with my boys and are a treasured keepsake in our family!

Here are my top 10 favorites:

Little Unicorn Bamboo Deluxe Muslin Quilt - Houndstooth Grey

You can't go wrong with a classic like this style. It is gender neutral, goes with everything and would be a lovely neutral in any nursery. 

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Strawberry

I recently bought this one for a friend for her baby shower. I love their fruit ones SO much (they also have lemon and pineapple), and they are so unique and beautiful. Can't you almost smell the freshness?   

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Ink Stripe

Another classic and also gender neutral. I love the classic stripe because it photographs well and would be perfect for every season.

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt

Everyone loves this quilt and it is one of the more popular prints! It is feminine and I love the colors together. The perfect blanket to bring your sweet baby girl home in!

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Bison

This is the one that I have for one of my little guys! I am from Canada and the buffalo remind me of Canada for some reason so I have a special place in my heart for this one. Sometimes boys prints are so drab compared to girls but this is PERFECT and beautiful for little boys. 

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Indie Elephant

This one is great for everyone. I love the boho feeling of this print and that navy color makes it look hand painted!

Little Unicorn Deluxe Bamboo Muslin Quilt-Pink Ladies

This is one of the DELUXE BAMBOO quilts that are even softer than your baby's bottom. They are great for when your baby has outgrown their swaddles and will follow your baby to toddlerhood. 

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Traffic Jam

This one has a vintage feel and reminds me of Christmas, perfect for the season! Nothing like cars and bikes and tractors for your perfect baby boy!

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Watercolor Rose

Like the name suggests, this print looks like a gorgeous painting and again, has such a feminine feeling. I need to have a girl for this quilt alone!

Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt-Dino Friends

This is the other one we have for my oldest. Sometimes dinosaur print can be cheesy but this one is on point! I love the watercolor look of the dinos and I can tell you from personal experience, this will be loved by your babies and toddlers alike.

If you can't tell, I am completely obsessed with everything Little Unicorn touches and I am not lying when I say these are a must-have baby item!

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