December National Days

December National Days

Oh, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! So much is going on, the weather’s cooler, and everyone tends to smile more and be a little be more charitable. It’s also the time when we get to share some of the awesome “days” we think are worth celebrating this month! 


December 4: National Cookie Day

Yes, please! Turning down cookies is something you should never do, which in turn, means celebrating a whole day with cookies is a definite positive! Holiday baking is probably the best baking you do all year, so pulling out those favorite recipes and whipping them up with your little ones is a tradition that they’ll love and remember for years to come. And let’s be honest, any excuse to eat all the cookies is a good one! 

December 12: Gingerbread House Day


Speaking of traditions, this is one that I both love and loathe all at the same time! The mess, the frustration of houses collapsing in on themselves, the candies rolling across the floor--just thinking about it kind of makes my heart start to race and my clean kitchen OCD tendencies start to kick in! But it’s always a hit and always a favorite of all my kids. Thank goodness for the kits you can buy! They make it a heck of a lot easier--I strongly suggest getting them! 

December 18: Twin Day

What a fun day to remember your favorite twins, whether they’re family, friends, or neighbors. Don’t forget to give them a shout out!

Also...Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

This is an unofficial tradition that’s been a hit these past few years. Remember when your aunt used to wear her ugly Christmas sweaters before they were acknowledged as ugly Christmas sweaters?! This is such a funny trend that’s quickly becoming a favorite!

December 21: Homeless Persons Remembrance Day

This one is a little personal to me because my husband often does work with homeless shelters. It’s been humbling to learn more about the ins and outs of what goes on at homeless shelters from him. There are so many amazing people who dedicate their lives to bettering the circumstances of those less fortunate. Perhaps today would be a good day to make a food or monetary donation to a shelter or service provider near you. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated, especially during these colder months, and during a season when family and friends are missed and loved more than ever.

December 25: Christmas

Merry Christmas! Wherever you are and however you decide to celebrate, we hope Christmas this year will be a special one for you and your family. 

December 26: Thank You Note Day


What a perfect day to take a minute and write some thank you notes! Can you imagine how shocked and thrilled a family member would be receiving a thoughtful note from you? It might be worth the time to reflect a little bit on how grateful you are--then put it in a note! 

December 28: Card Playing Day

card playing

Now that my little kiddos are getting a little bit bigger, we've all become big fans of playing cards and games together! There are hundreds of games you could try. Some of our recent favorites are Uno, Slap-Jack, and Spoons. 

December 31: New Years Eve


Woot woot! We’ve almost made it through 2020! Perhaps your New Years celebrations might look a little different this year (what else is new?!). But just because you’re not inviting a big crowd doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! Have a game nights with the kids. Take a moment to write down some resolutions. Our newest favorite tradition is sending paper lanterns up in the sky with our wishes for the new year. And don’t forget to land a kiss with your significant other when the clock strikes midnight! 

I hope one or two of these ideas help holiday cheer flourish this season for you and your family! 

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