Diaper Bag Breakdown

Diaper Bag Breakdown

Diaper bags: the ultimate mom accessory. What starts as a beautiful purse-like accessory will eventually turn into your mom lifeline. From diapers and back-up outfits to cellphones and mom snacks, they are the carriers of some of our most essential items.

A good diaper bag can seem like an investment. One you may not have known you needed, but one that is definitely worth it. The options may seem endless, and it can be a little hard to decide what features are important to your lifestyle.

Check out our video below- where we’ve broken down three of our favorite diaper bag brands; AzariaFreshly Picked, and Fawn Design. We break down the differences, what we love, and what we think make up the best diaper bags.

As parents, we have a million decisions to make, and we hope that this review made picking out your next diaper bag a little easier. You can check out all the diaper bags we reviewed in our video, online at BabyCubby.com.  


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