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Diaper Bag Fever

Diaper Bag Fever

We currently sell 13 different brands of diaper bags. Each brand different, unique, functional, and gorgeous. But how in the world is a decision supposed to be made between not only brands, but styles and colors as well? When it comes to baby gear and decision-making, I personally have the hardest time in the diaper bag department. Assuming a lot of moms are the same way, here’s a short breakdown of a few diaper bag options ranging from our 13 different diaper bag brands.


It may just be my style, or the London charm, or the intuitive way in which these bags were designed to look – but each of the Babymel Diaper Bags (or Changing Bags, as they call it across the sea) do it for me. I truly love them all; a definite top contender in my book

. Babymel George Backpack - Mid Blue/Oatmeal

Babymel George Backpack - Mid Blue/Oatmeal

Coco & Kiwi

I’m trying to think of a word to describe Coco & Kiwi. Neutral? Not gender-neutral, but style-neutral. Is there such a thing? I think these bags appeal to and meet the criteria of all varieties of women.

Coco and Kiwi Provence 5-Piece Diaper Bag - Olive Stripe

Coco and Kiwi Provence 5-Piece Diaper Bag - Olive Stripe

Fawn Design

Perhaps it’s because Fawn Design is right down the road in American Fork, Utah, or perhaps it’s because they have bags that are perfectly designed for the modern mom, these guys are popular. And I’m not talking Razor-Flip-Phone popular; I’m talking iPhone, here-to-stay, coolest-phone(bag)-on-the-block popular. We sell them in store only.

  Fawn Design Original Diaper Bag - Blush


Are these diaper bag backpacks? Or just regular backpacks? Either way, they’re old school and irresistible. But I guess if you want a technical answer, they fall into the regular backpack category, rather than a diaper bag backpack. Anybody in the family would be happy to have one of these guys!

Fjallraven Raven 28 Backpack- Meadow Green

Freshly Picked

I remember when the Classic was released and the whole world went momentarily berserk because there was finally a good contender against the ever-popular Fawn Design. And from that moment on, they haven’t stopped putting amazing items out for the world to enjoy.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag - Olive Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag - Olive


The bags we carry from Ju-Ju-Be are large and in charge, and their backpacks are so sleek. I don’t think there’s any outing too daunting for one of these bags, and there is a backpack for any situation. Ju-Ju-Be Forever Backpack - Noir


Honestly, I think Lassig is a brand that is WAY too overlooked. Each of their bags have so many extra goodies included: stroller hooks, multiple removable components, and a portable changing pad. Plus, each of their bags have intriguing and likeable style.

Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag - Anthracite Glitter

Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag - Anthracite Glitter

Logan + Lenora

Think of the mix between a diaper bag and a beach bag and Logan + Lenora is right where you’re going to land. So many waterproof pockets! These bags will also have people doing double takes simply from their bold and adorable designs. Logan + Lenora Oversized Carryall Tote - Spots

Logan + Lenora Oversized Carryall Tote - Spots

Nuna Bag

This diaper bag was designed to be discreet and sleek on the outside, and with every personal and parenting necessity on the inside. Nuna Diaper Bag

 Nuna Diaper Bag  

Oemi Baby

This leather diaper bag is more like an all-purpose bag that looks nothing like a diaper bag but is ridiculously functional. Basically, this is the bag you’ll keep around for many, many years.

Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag - Brownstone
Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag - Brownstone

Petunia Picklebottom

Do you think it’s possible for someone to think about diaper bags without Petunia Picklebottom popping into their head? And man, these bags just keep getting better and better.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - Glazed - Graphite

Skip Hop

Skip Hop is a definite favorite of mine, but I have to be honest when I say that I was a little surprised at how beautiful some of their diaper bags are. A very good surprised!

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Bag - Smoke


I’m a judge-the-book-by-its-title kind of gal, so the name of this brand certainly speaks to me. And the three products we carry of theirs are also very likable. Storksak Noa Diaper Bag - Coral
Storksak Noa Diaper Bag - Coral

So maybe this won’t automatically make your decision easier, but at least you now have a little bit more knowledge about a few diaper bag brands we carry. And if you’re in the market (or not in the market, but still want a new diaper bag), you’re in luck because our bag sale is going on NOW (Jan 22-28 - use code "INTHEBAG". These deals are ones you simply wont want to miss. As for the decision making? Well, good luck. Obviously there are many fantastic options out there; be a big girl, rip off the Band-Aid, and pick one!

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