DockAtot Video Review/Unboxing

DockAtot Video Review/Unboxing

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Comfort and safety can go hand in hand, even at the end of a long day when all you want to do is sleep but your baby won’t calm down unless they’re snuggled up with you in bed. But co-sleeping is something for those hippie moms, right? But you're just so tired....

Want to know a little secret? Everyone "co-sleeps" at one time or another. In reality, "co-sleeping" is a just a fancy word for letting your child join you in that oh-so-sweet activity that you did whenever you wanted before you had kids. Yes, sleep.

But co-sleeping calls for certain awareness, or precautions, if you will. A crib seems far away for a brand-new newborn to be sleeping, and although the Finnish people put their babies in cardboard cribs, there is a perfect compromise that comes in the form of the DockAtot. Don't worry---minimal assembly required!

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