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Dockatot x Morris & Co.

Dockatot x Morris & Co.

Dockatot's latest collaboration with British design house Morris & Co. is the most beautiful thing you will lay your eyes on in 2020.

Their unique, ornate prints are the perfect mix of class and whimsy. They will add a dash of sophistication to your home. You don't just have to take my word for it! Take a peek at the new drool-worthy prints below and just try to refrain from buying one of each.

Dockatot Deluxe Plus

The Dockatot Deluxe Plus is designed for babies 0-8 months. It's perfect for keeping baby close and offers a safe and cozy space for your little one to relax.

This stunning Blackthorn print is seemingly straight out of The Secret Garden.

DockATot Deluxe Plus Dock Baby Lounger - Pink and Rose
DockATot Deluxe Plus Dock Baby Lounger - Strawberry Thief

Dockatot Grand

The Pink and Rose print gives me all the heart eyes. I love the non-traditional blue floral. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Spare Cover - Deluxe

Don't forget about the spare cover! It's super handy to have on hand to easily switch out covers when one is in the wash.

DockATot Deluxe Spare Cover - Brer Rabbit
DockATot Deluxe Spare Cover - Strawberry Thief
DockATot Deluxe Spare Cover - Pink and Rose

Spare Cover - Grand

DockATot Grand Spare Cover - Brer Rabbit
DockATot Grand Spare Cover - Strawberry Thief
DockATot Grand Spare Cover - Blackthorn
DockATot Grand Spare Cover - Pink and Rose
DockATot Grand Spare Cover - Willow Boughs

The Dockatot x Morris & Co. collaboration can be spotted on Baby Cubby shelves November 9th, 2020! You can shop in store or online at to snag one for the style-conscious parent in your life.

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Dockatot x Morris & Co. - Peek Jar News - November 26, 2020

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