Don't Miss the Jogging Stroller Lineup!

Don't Miss the Jogging Stroller Lineup!

I was one of those naive new moms that thought if the stroller said "jogger" anywhere in the title or description, I could run with baby in the stroller. That was SO wrong! It's incredibly important for your safety, and especially the safety of your child, to select a stroller that is specifically built to withstand the speeds and terrain of jogging without hurting your child. That's why we created this amazing in-depth Jogging Stroller Buying Guide, but here is a summary of some of the very important features to consider when looking at a jogging stroller:

  1. All Wheel Suspension: It's important that the ride for baby stay as smooth as possible, no matter what terrain you might encounter on your jog
  2. Swivel-Locked Front Tire: In order for a stroller to qualify as a Jogger, the MOST important safety element is the locked front tire. When you're jogging with the stroller, the front tire must be locked in a straight position, otherwise if the front wheel was allowed to swivel, and you hit a bump in the road, the entire stroller could veer off course and flip. However, with the amount of money you spend on a jogging stroller, you certainly want to be able to use it for more than just jogging if you're not a high-intensity runner. The best jogging strollers offer easy switching between a front swivel wheel and a locked front wheel to give you versatility and convenience.
  3. Canopy: Like most strollers you're looking at, large canopy's are a must have while taking your baby around. No child likes to have the sun in their face, and if you're out for a long jog, you'll want a jogger that can keep your child covered no matter what direction your facing, or recline position the child is in.

The BOB 2016 Revolution Flex, the Bumbleride 2016 Speed Jogger, and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Hybrid Stroller are our TOP picks for jogging strollers. All of these strollers take the main features above and enhance them in their own way, making jogging or walking around with baby extremely convenient and safe.

Let's compare these three great strollers so we can find the best one for you and your needs!

BOB 2016 Revolution Flex

That's a beautiful stroller, right? But it's not only stunning, this stroller packs a PUNCH when it comes to your jogging needs. First, let's talk about the cost. It is a phenomenal price for all the features you're getting in this stroller. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself.

Another great feature with the Revolution Flex is the 9-Position Padded Handlebar. This stroller understands that mom might not be the only one jogging with baby, and that not all jogging parents come in the same height.

The suspension is adjustable to keep the ride smooth no matter what, and with a 5-point adjustable harness for child, and a weight limit of 75 lbs, this is a trusty stroller you'll absolutely love to jog with

Here's why you should buy it: If you're planning on both parents jogging with baby, or simply like the idea of having so many options to get the right height on the handlebar, this is the stroller for you. If you have a smaller budget for purchasing a jogger, this stroller is a no-brainer!

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Hybrid Stroller

Similar to the BOB, Baby Jogger is always a trusted brand across all types of strollers. Some of the highlights on this particular stroller is the easy one-handed fold, something that Baby Jogger offers in all of it's strollers, and the Jogger is no exception.

This stroller also offers All-Suspension wheels, and wheels that are designed wonderfully for all terrains you'll encounter. The massive canopy is rated UV 50+ to keep baby extra safe from the sun's rays while you enjoy your jog, and the remote wheel lock on the handlebar makes switching between a fixed or swivel front wheel an absolute breeze!

Here's why you should buy it: Baby Jogger is about convenience, and that's what you'll get with the Summit X3. Easy fold up and set up, as well as the large canopy makes this the perfect jogger for parent's who run a lot in the sun, across lots of terrains, and might need the ease of the one hand fold.

Bumbleride 2016 Speed Jogger

Both the BOB and Baby Jogger are great options for parents looking for a great stroller to jog with and use for everyday, but the Bumbleride Speed Jogger is the luxury vehicle of the Jogging world. There are FAR too many features to even type them all out! If you are serious about jogging, this is the stroller for you, no comparison.

The Speed Jogger actually offers a 3-speed Steering System, rather than just your typical fixed wheel or swivel wheel, giving you far more options about how you're really going to be using the stroller in that moment. It is the lightest stroller out of the three, the handlebar is adjustable, and with the one hand fold, it auto locks and stands by itself.

Bumbleride has truly thought of everything with this stroller, even features you might not have thought you needed, like a large storage basket that hold a portable air pump for the tires in case of a flat, and a bell to warn other runners that you're near them with a stroller.

Here's why you should buy it: Every feature you could dream of is packed into this amazing Jogger. Granted, the price is higher, but it is worth every penny! If you are an avid jogger, you will enjoy using this stroller on all your adventures with your child.

This is a GREAT fit for parents that have to hike their strollers up stairs to their home/apartments since it's the lightest, and perfect for parents who live in the city since there's 3 front wheel options, helping the stroller's maneuverability to be top notch no matter where you take it.

All three of these strollers would be a great fit for your family! One might be better for your budget, and another better for your flexible lifestyle! Head on over to the website to see all the features these wonderful strollers have, and most importantly, have a safe and wonderful time out jogging with your little one!

Written by Katelyn Bozada
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