EZPZ Parenting: Is There Such a Thing?!

EZPZ Parenting: Is There Such a Thing?!

Ahh, the parenting life. It is a crazy concoction of mess and beautiful, frustration and success, stress and joy! There truly is not a way to properly prepare yourself for the ride of being a parent; both the good and the bad parts of the ride. I have caught myself hundreds of times wishing that my kids would just be "a little bit easier today," or wondering how it is possible for two humans, with less than three years of life experience, to know how to push my buttons so well. But is parenting ever truly EZPZ?

EZPZ Mini Mat in Cream - Baby Cubby EZPZ Mini Mat in Cream

You know, unless there is some forever hidden trick to the easy parenting gig, there just isn't such a thing. The true and attainable trick is to find things that make your life a little easier along the way, to take a lot of deep breaths in the hard moments, and soak in every ounce of the good moments that you can!

Kids are just really good at organizing their lives into phases. Juuust when you think you have them figured out, they flip the switch. Phase ended, new phase beginning right now! Some phases are a piece of cake and others teach you over and over that true grit is required for parenting.

One phase that has proven to be a patience tester in my parenting journey is meal time. My husband and I frequently say to each other, "Remember when we got to eat food at dinner time?" OH. MY. GOSH. Do anyone else's children turn into the most disagreeable wild animals at mealtime? On top of the behavior at the table, I have found that teaching my kids to eat on their own is just a complete mess!

EZPZ Happy Bowl - Baby Cubby EZPZ Happy Bowl in Blush

After a few full-plate spills, an EZPZ Mini Mat became a part of our family. A plate that sticks to the surface it is on, cleans well, and won't get gross and worn out after a few runs through the dishwasher? Yup, sign me up! The disappointment in my daughter's eyes when she realized she couldn't overturn her plate was so satisfying.

Let me tell you why this adorable little plate made my parenting gig to the learning-to-eat toddler so much easier. First, the obvious and stated above reason; the kid can't knock the plate or bowl over. That sucker is stuck on well! Second, it gives you a decent idea about the portion size your child likely needs. Third, it is virtually indestructible. Ohh, you want to stab your plate with your fork for who knows why child? Sure, go ahead. Won't make the hair on my neck stand up and that plate won't be all scratched up after either. Win, win! Fourth, it truly does help kids learn to eat on their own! T

he weight and design of these EZPZ dishes keeps them from sliding all over while your child tries their best to get a good scoop of food. It allows them to get the success of eating by themselves without the unnecessary frustration of a moving plate target. Success is a trick to easy parenting! Providing ways for your child to find success by themselves gives you the opportunity to praise them which almost always leads to a happy little tyke!

EZPZ Flower Play Mat - Baby Cubby

EZPZ Flower Play Mat in Mint

Children, unfortunately, don't come with magic dust that provides a completely easy transition through all the phases in store. But, they do come with hearts as big as the moon that just wants to love and be loved by the people that mean the most to them! Finding ways to make the learning moments a bit easier on you can really boost you up when the days seem extra long.

So no, there isn't necessarily such a thing as completely EZPZ parenting. But, nothing worth anything comes easy, right? Love hard, deep breathe when the moments seem bleak, and remember that there are thousand and thousands of other parents out there in the same shoes as you!  

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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