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Falling in Love with Tegu

Falling in Love with Tegu

You know how sometimes you see a product and instantly fall in love? Well this was Tegu for me a few years ago when I first saw them! I thought they were genius, beautiful, and very well made. Little did I know at the time how amazing not only their products are, but also the company and brand in general and what they stand for. Thus, my love for them grew deeper. Now for me to assist you in falling in love with them also:

Tegu 42-Piece Set - Tints

Reason One

The first reason you’ll fall in love with Tegu, the more obvious reason, is the products. I mean, they are magnetic blocks! Does it actually get cooler than that? There’s nothing more frustrating than a block tower collapsing and having to start all over again, and Tegu blocks are here to help! My toddlers love when I get the blocks out, but I’m not always able to sit down and assist them to help their creations work out how they imagined. So, as a busy parent unable to be at my child’s side at all times, it didn’t take long for blocks to be categorized as “special occasion toys” that needed a little more supervision due to the amount of help that was involved.

However, Tegu would NOT be classified into this category because the magnets in these blocks are better aides to building than my mom help would be! So truly it’s a win-win: easy for the child and less stress for the parent!  

Reason Two

Tegu (if you’re unsure and curious about the pronunciation, read here) originated in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In fact, all of the products are still manufactured from just outside of this city in Central America. Not only does this allow for MANY job opportunities and career advancements among the people of Honduras, but when products are sold, a portion of the proceeds go to schools in this country to help provide better education environments and content to children and youth. The company Tegu is making huge strides in this underprivileged community; it is admirable and commendable what the two co-founders have created. Good people doing good things. What's not to love?
Tegu 6-Piece Pocket Pouch Prism

Lovable Logistics

Now that you know a little more about Tegu, here are a few more fun facts that make these products even more irresistible:
  • They come in sets as little as 6 pieces or larger-sized sets for even bigger creations
  • Depending on preference, they come in natural wood colors or colored or a combination
  • These make perfect travel toys
  • Travel totes or pouches are available
  • Blocks are made with safe dyes (but littles prone to putting things in their mouth should be watched, as magnets are very dangerous if swallowed)
  • Available shapes include: the cube, candy bar, 3 sizes of planks, 2 sizes of columns, 3 angles (including triangle), a parallelogram, and even wheels!
Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels

I hope you’ve fallen just as in love with this brand and its products as I have! And for the icing on the cake of these sweet imaginative blocks? The Baby Cubby is having a sale on all things Tegu now until December 3rd! 25% OFF TEGU PRODUCTS. Now would be the perfect time to purchase if you, like myself, have been wanting some of these innovative blocks! Happy building, friends!  

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