Feltman and Co. Teethers

Feltman and Co. Teethers

There comes a time in your life with kids that you become a worshiper of teethers. Okay, okay...they might not be the cure to all baby's teething woes, but they can definitely take the edge off for everyone involved! Teethers have become a bit of a statement piece these days. Feltman and Co. teethers are no exception! Beautiful woods and responsibly made BPA-free silicone beads, make up these colorfully elegant teethers that we absolutely love!

Feltman & Co
 Feltman & Co. - Rainbow Cloud

Just look at that cloud with it's rainbow beads! It is so pretty! And all of their teethers basically scream sensory and soothing, which makes mama happy too, right? The combination of the hard wooden rings and the tag with the silicone hex beads gives baby two different chew-on options. Baby can take their pick, all in one teether!

The wooden rings and the tag are natural pine wood, and are coated in 100% natural beeswax as a sealant and a protectant for the wood. The hex beads are of course BPA-free silicone. Everything is strung together on a high quality cord that has been tested to see how well it will stand up to the surprisingly strong baby hands and jaws!

Caitlin, the owner, designs and hand assembles each teether in her own home in Texas. She does the quality tests on each piece before they leave her presence so that Feltman & Co. customers always receive the best of the best!

Little hands and eyes will be just as pleased with the teether as the sore gums are. Different texture, size, shape and color stimulate the senses which makes these a wonderful choice for babes because they can be used for much more than just chewing on!

Feltman & Co New Product

I don't know about you, but I am trying to figure out some way to display these inconspicuously in my house because they're so darling! But, my husband would also think I have lost it. Guess I will just save it for the teething children in my future! The quality of these teethers matches their class (super high!!) so they will surely be used and enjoyed by more than one baby in your house. Pick one up online or in store today!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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