Fickle About Fall

Fickle About Fall

Between the start of school and the cooling weather, fall starts trickling in. I usually try to hang onto summer as long as possible, not ready for the gloomy winter to settle in. However, at the same time, I'm anxious for all the fun fall has to offer.

By Labor Day, I’m usually ready to dive in with both feet! If you’re like me this year and you're trying to avoid crowds, but you're sick of seeing the inside of your house, then a little fall adventure might just be the trick!

Here are 8 fun fall activities that are perfect for kids, and will get you excited for autumn days! 

1. Walk It Out

Fall walks are a staple! Find a local trail, and let the magic happen. Let your kids explore the outside while enjoying the crisp air and changing colors. Collect leaves or pinecones along the way, or play ‘I Spy’ and watch for wildlife. Just getting outside is sure to elevate your day!

check jeanette dress
Rylee and Cru Cinnamon Check Jeanette Dress

2. Leaf it to Craft Time

Have some recently collected leaves on hand, from a fall walk perhaps? ;) I have just the solution for your abundance. Pressing leaves is easy and makes for the cutest decorations or art project. Just sandwich your collected leaves between two pieces of newspaper, and place inside a heavy book.  After a couple weeks, you should have dry leaves ready to paint, or hang up!

3. Pinecone Projects

Need a craft break? Pick your poison--paint, glitter or pom-poms--and let your kids go wild on some pinecones! Not only is this guaranteed to keep them entertained for a few minutes at least, but they are sure to make the cutest homemade Christmas ornaments, or fall decorations. 

4. Cozy Campfire 

It's time to break out the s’mores and scary stories because duh, who doesn’t love a good campfire? Whether it’s in your backyard, or local campground, spend an evening enjoying the crackling coals with some good company. Bring some music, stories, cozy blankets, and lots of treats! You’re sure to create some of the greatest memories.

fox sweatshirt
Fox Sweatshirt - Cinnamon

5. Falling for Food

Apple crisp, pumpkin pie, butternut squash soup, caramel apples, sugar cookies... the list of yummy, fall-focused foods could go on and on. But I don’t want you to start drooling, so I’ll stop. You get the point though--get in the kitchen, and make some yummy memories!

6. Tea Party Anyone?

Apple. Cider. Tea. Party.  Need I say more? Get your fancy on, and host the most adorable, and beloved of events. Make it as decadent or simple as you want, and it will surely be the event your kids ask for time and time again!

7. Pretty Pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins is a fall classic. Whether you love getting messy with pumpkin guts and carving pumpkins, or painting pumpkins is more your speed, you really can’t go wrong. Keep it civil or make it a competition--either way, it’s a tradition that should never be skipped!

8. When the Stars Align

This year, the September ε-Perseid meteor shower will be active from September 5th to September 21st, producing its peak rate of meteors around September 9th. And Orionids Meteor shower is also active every year in October, usually peaking around October 20th/21st. At its peak, up to 20 meteors are visible every hour! Needless to say, fall is a great time for stargazing! 

With so much to look forward to, I am ready for a fresh start this fall! So find your favorite fall sweater, cozy pair of socks, and snuggly blanket because the best time of year is right around the corner! 

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