Freshly Picked City Pack Review

Freshly Picked City Pack Review

Every time a new diaper bag is released I have to stop and re-evaluate my diaper bag preferences because I swear they keep getting better and better. Some hit the market and I decide right then and there that I need a new bag. Ever since Freshly Picked started making diaper bags, I’ve been craving this type of a style!

The Freshly Picked City Pack Backpack is an instant favorite for customers because of the simplicity and the adorable color options! But dig a little deeper and there are SO many other fantastic features to review…and I’ll do just that right now!

 Freshly Picked City Pack Backpack - Ebony

The size is generous but not overpowering for a backpack styled diaper bag. It is 14.5 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. Basically it fits perfectly on a back while carrying everything necessary for little ones! It’s not too often that there are re-enforced straps, but fortunately this bag’s straps are covered and padded and lined with vegan leather. This truly makes a difference when wearing it for long periods of time!

 Freshly Picked City Pack Backpack - Berry

There are a total of ten pockets! This makes my organized heart so happy! There is a pocket for everything: a laptop pocket, a “hidden” back pocket, an insulated snack pocket, a high-tech pocket that blocks radio-frequency identification – perfect for wallets – and it even has a key ring located inside of the main pocket to keep keys or hand sanitizer handy but not hanging out and being bothersome.

 Freshly Picked City Pack Backpack - Ebony

The nylon materials are high functioning, low maintenance, and just plain pretty. I mentioned before that the colors are one of the top selling points for this bag – they’re unique and beautiful! There is a classic and timeless Ebony, a stunning Berry, and a can’t-take-your-eyes-off-of-it Navy. Each has matte gold luxe hardware and heather gray nylon lined interiors.

 Freshly Picked City Pack Backpack - Navy

They also come with a nylon changing pad. Because, remember, it’s a diaper bag after all. Not just a super cute bag for Mom! My nit-picky have-to for diaper bags that this diaper bag does have is a double zipper! Normal diaper bags can get away without this feature because it’s not too often they’re closed in the first place. But when it comes to backpacks and the necessity of a zipper being closed 90% of the time, a double zipper is a must! Have you seen how much stuff babies need? That requires room, not just to fit it but to access it as well. To have to unzip the entire thing just to reach the opposite side just isn’t practical and is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to hauling around a day’s worth of supplies.

I think I’ve about covered it all. Did I mention people really like this bag? It even made PopSugar’s 24 Best Diaper Bags For 2018 list! But if it’s simply not the one for you, check out our Diaper Bag Buying Guide for an intense breakdown of all things diaper bags! As for me? I think I may have a new contender to add to my wish list!

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