Freshly Picked Diaper Bags

Freshly Picked Diaper Bags

2020 is the year for YOU and we are making sure you take the chance to invest in yourself by getting something you need and will absolutely love! The Baby Cubby will be marking down all diaper bags from the 21-27, and that's the perfect reason to spoil yourself!

The Baby Cubby has a ton of great bags in stock that are sure to fit any mama's needs-- no matter how many babes you have, where you're taking your bag, or what you're stuffing it with! But I'm here to tell you that Freshly Picked is making the classic diaper bag for modern mamas, and they are doing it right!

Starting out as a baby moccasin company does not mean that they can't make gorgeous things for mamas, and when these bags first dropped so did our jaws. Freshly Picked diaper bags don't look anything like the bulky, funky, patterned bags our mamas used.

FP makes their bags from vegan leather in a bunch of colors, and are easy to wipe down and hard to scuff up or scratch. They're super durable and versatile, and you can wear them as a backpack, a cross-body bag, or held as a purse. They also make their classic bag in mini which is perfect if you're looking for a smaller size with all the same features!

The super deep drink pockets are one of my fave features of the Freshly Picked bag-- there's one on either side of the bag that will fit the big drink I'm bound to have with me at all times, but they don't stick out or look bulky when they're not being used. I also love the magnetic close top because it makes the inner pocket easy to get into without having to deal with zippers or snaps. This bag also holds it shape super well, and you won't have to worry about it slouching or flopping to the ground when you set it down.

If you're looking for a bag that will be perfect to go with you for all of your mama moments, but will also look great when you're out running errands solo (blessings!) or on a date with your man. The Freshly Picked Diaper Bag is going to give you all the space you need for your baby goodies and still leave you with room to fit your essentials, while still looking chic and stylish!

And take advantage of our diaper bag sale going on this week to save some money on any of the great bags from The Baby Cubby by shopping in store or online at and get a little something for yourself to start off 2020 right!

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