Funky, Spunky, Trendy Clothes by Lulu and Roo

Funky, Spunky, Trendy Clothes by Lulu and Roo

Tired of dressing your child in the same plain Jane things every other kid is wearing?!  Well, let me introduce you to Lulu + Roo.  Your kid will stand out in these fancy ensembles! - No, but for reals.  They're adorable and your kid will be even more darling than they already are! ;)

Look at this sweatsuit outfit! SO CUTE. Lulu and Roo Dark Grey Stripe Sweatpants and Lulu and Roo Dark Grey Hoodie

Let's talk about clothing care.  Lulu + Roo's products are all made out of completely organic cotton and the dyes are water-based, which means no chemicals are used!  This makes Lulu + Roo's clothes less irritating for young, sensitive skin.  That being said, because the dyes are water-based and the cotton is organic, there are some special washing rules.  Ideally, the company recommends hand-washing turned inside out.  But, lots of moms don't want to take the time to hand-wash their kids clothes!  And I totally understand that!  Well, have no fear because you can wash them in the washing machine!  Just turn the clothing item inside out and wash on a gentle or delicate cycle.  Also be sure that your detergent is phosphate free, otherwise your colors will fade in a major way due to the nature of the dye.  Then just lay flat to dry and you're good to go!

Company disclosure: "Some fading as a result of cleaning is typical for these fabrics.  This is most notable on darker shades.  Front loading washers contribute to color loss due to increased tumbling action during cleaning.  Fading can be minimized through use of cool wash settings and gentle wash cycles.  An optional 1/2 cup of vinegar can be added to the final rinse to help aid in brighter, clearer colors."

Check out Natasha's toddler in his Lulu + Roo outfit! He has the Lulu + Roo Mustard and Eagle Pocket Hoodie and an adorable Rags to Raches Romper all tied together with a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs

I know, I know, I know - the instructions sound a tiny bit scary.  BUT, Natasha (one of our store supervisors), and Jacque (one of the owners) both dress their little boys in Lulu + Roo and say that it only takes a second to follow the washing instructions and their clothes turn out just fine!  So if the washing rules scare you a bit, take comfort in knowing that the clothes really do hold up well. :)

Bottom line is, if you're looking for fun every day clothes, or just a special outfit for pictures, check out Lulu + Roo!  You won't be disappointed!  So shop Lulu + Roo online, or come into our store location in Lindon, Utah and any of our sales associates will be more than happy to gush about how cute your child look in one of these get-ups. :)

Other Available Styles Include - 

Baby Sweatshirts: 
Lulu and Roo Dark Grey Stripe Hoodie

Lulu and Roo Peach Vintage Rose Baby Hoodie
Soft Baby Leggings: 

Lulu and Roo Grey Eagle Leggings

Lulu and Roo Vintage Rose Baby Leggings
Baby Slouch Hats: 

Lulu and Roo Slouchy Gray Stripe Baby Beanie

Lulu and Roo Mint Stripe Baby Beanie
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