Furnish the Nursery of Your Dreams

Furnish the Nursery of Your Dreams

A lot of parents spend a good chunk of time designing a beautiful and functional nursery in anticipation of their new little arrival.

Luckily, The Baby Cubby makes shopping for all your nursery needs easy! Did you know we carry multiple lines of furniture? Gliders, bassinets and more!


Babyletto specializes in eco-friendly nursery furniture. With a focus on style, they pride themselves on creating furniture that is both fun and functional.

A personal favorite from Babyletto happens to be the Origami Mini Crib. If you're short on space, a mini crib is the way to go! We chose to use one in our room for our last baby instead of a bassinet, mostly because of space and the fact that a mini crib can accommodate a child older than six months and most bassinets cannot. The Origami is beautifully understated with sleek modern lines. Probably my most favorite feature is the fact that it is collapsible for easy storage! Since our baby is no longer using the crib, it is currently folded up in the back of our closet, taking up minimal space and ready for when we need it next. You could even transport it while traveling if needed!

Nursery Works

Nursery Works creates high-design pieces for children's spaces that are truly works of art. The Compass Glider is no exception.

The brass feet and rounded lines of this glider make it feel super luxurious. As an added bonus, this rocker will look lovely in any space beyond the nursery years.


Ubabub believes that even parents can enjoy high design. Their pieces are very progressive and are some of the most uniquely designed pieces of furniture I've seen created for nursery.

The Nifty Timber 3-Drawer Dresser from Ubabub is the perfect blend of mid-century and modern. This gorgeous piece is created with sustainable wood that's free from toxic finishes. The three spacious drawers are just the right size to house all your favorite baby items.

These are just three of the many furniture lines that are accessible through The Baby Cubby! To see more, visit our website at BabyCubby.com.

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