Gassy Babes Have a New Best Friend

Gassy Babes Have a New Best Friend

If your little one has struggled with bad gas and bubbles in their tummy you know there is nothing worse. You never thought you would want someone to toot so much in your life! Don't judge. The struggle is real. When our son was first born he struggled to have poop for a couple of days, and I can tell you from experience you start to pray for anything that will help him go.

Well after that confession I feel we are at a point in our relationship where I can tell you that I am no longer haunted by my son's pooping and tooting patterns. And you shouldn't be either! If you're babe is struggling to sleep, can't seem to have a BM without straining, or doesn't burp with the garden variety pats then the Windi by FridaBaby will save you!

The Windi is a rectal catheter that allows the baby to pass gas naturally and painlessly. If you're thinking that you don't feel comfortable with this, I can promise you it is much easier than you think! You place the small tube into your babe's bum and wait for the whistle. I always recommend having little one facing away from you, because having baby poop on you is just not a good look. You should only have to wait for a few seconds for your babe to feel relief, and then you simply toss it in the trash!

The rectal catheters are designed to go past the muscles preventing gas to pass. FridaBaby recommends lubricating it with coconut oil. If you're thinking you'll just try something a little less invasive, I hear you. Been there. But trust me (and thousands of other parents of gassy babes) when I tell you this will change your life! The pack comes with 10 disposable tubes, and give you the peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to make sure your baby is comfortable and healthy. It is doctor created and approved, and is truly the only natural relief for gas that you will find. FridaBaby is a trusted Swedish brand that makes life with baby a little easier with it's safe, effective products. You will swear by the Windi at first fart. Scouts honor!

If you've got a little one that isn't sleeping through the night, is crying when they go (or isn't going at all), or you haven't heard a burp since your husband finished that basket of wings the other night, the Windi is your new best friend! Shake the squeemies, mamas and get gassy! XO

Plus, check out the video below to see how it works!

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