Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decor!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decor!

Let's be honest, baby showers aren't really for the baby. Sure, the gifts are, but the actual celebration is for mom and dad to bring their family and friends together and celebrate the upcoming birth of their child. So, whether you're having a boy, girl, a surprise, or aren't sure what you're adopting, a gender neutral baby shower still comes along with some adorable themes and decorations!

Neutral Can Be Bright!

Our shower theme ended up being "Winter Wonderland" and it was AMAZING! It's about to be summer though, so why not a "You Are My Sunshine Party." It's SPRING and who doesn't need a little yellow in their life? I love that this theme takes your typical "yellow and green" that you associate with "gender neutral" and makes it into something fun and energetic no matter what gender the family is welcoming. Head on over to We Heart Parties to see their adorable free printouts and get inspired ball all that sunshine!! You can also liven up your party with nursery decor that you can use later! For instance, here is a Bright and Colorful print from our Shop!

Oopsy Daisy Mini Framed Canvas - 6 x 6

Neutral Can Be Lovely

Like I said in the beginning, I didn't care that I was having a boy, I wanted my shower to feel intimate and lovely. I read a beautiful post somewhere that said even if you're having a girl, you can focus less on pink, and more on lovely if that's the personality of the mom you're throwing a party for! Mom's of future little boys, and mom's of future little girls can still have beautiful shower's full of gorgeous neutral colors, baby's breath, mason jars, and touches of gold and shimmer.

Neat House Sweet Home has an adorable gender neutral theme of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" Just a little shimmer and shine, but not so much that it couldn't be used for a boy or a girl!

Style Me Pretty Living has a stunning April Showers inspired baby Shower that is perfect for this time of year! I love the heart shaped rice krispies on a stick, the garland that looks like soft rain, and the cream colored cakes with gold stands. I'm obsessed!

Plus, here is another beautiful print from our shop that's sure to be a hit at any shower to go along with a golden theme!

Lucy Darling Gold You Are Loved - White  

Neutral Can Be Whimsical!

I may have just told my husband baby's first birthday will be Hot Air Balloon Themed because it's So AMAZING! I mean look at this cake, isn't it just so sweet?

I personally LOVE neutral decorations that mom and dad can take home from the shower and put up in baby's room, like this amazing set!

There's no reason a neutral shower can't be fun and silly. There's no rules to baby showers (I mean not that I know of, is there a rule book I need to read? Eh... I'd throw it out anyway)

How about a couple that Adventurous?

I don't care what you're having, or what type of shower the mom wants to have. She really wants this,"Welcome to the World" themed shower! So Alaina does an amazing theme that's so whimsical and fun for any couple, and you probably have a lot of the decorations sitting around your house!

How easy would this wreath be to make? 

Check out this adorable Canvas from our store that would fit this perfectly!

Petal Lane Canvas Wrapped Magnet Board - 14 x 14 - Let The Adventure Begin  

The reality is a baby shower is honoring the parents and welcoming a miracle into this world. If a mom wants something lovely and intimate, or something fun and adventurous, the gender of the baby she's having shouldn't change that! There's so many fun and adorable ideas out there for surprise baby's, or parents that just don't necessarily want a pink or blue shower. Have a little fun with themes and step outside the box! There's lots to explore in terms of colors and prints that are simple and exciting for mom, dad, and baby to be!

Written by Katelyn Bozada

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