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Get Cozy with Quincy Mae

The much-anticipated second drop of Quincy Mae's Autumn-Winter 2021 line is finally here! With a beautifully curated selection of warm pinks, subtle blues, deep grays, and earthy browns, this collection is trendy but timeless. And the fabrics are ideal for colder weather--stretchy knit jersey, cuddly fleece, classic knit, and cute pointelle are perfect for making your little one irresistibly cuddly and cozy as we go into the holiday season.

We especially love the new baby sets that come with an outfit, hat, and either a blanket or booties. These are a perfect baby shower gift or for going home from the hospital post-delivery! 


Fleece Sweatshirt - Polka-Dot - Walnut

Pointelle Side Snap Bodysuit - Dark Floral - Dark Sea 
Ribbed Longsleeve Bodysuit - Ash Stripe - Ash Ivory 
Ribbed Longsleeve Bodysuit - Dusty Blue 
Ribbed Longsleeve Bodysuit - Clay 
Pointelle Longsleeve Tee - Dark Floral - Dark Sea
Fleece Sweatshirt - Moon and Stars - Dark Sea 
Fleece Sweatshirt - Stars - Ash 
Fleece Sweatshirt - Heart - Petal 
Cable Knit Sweater - Dusty Blue 
Cable Knit Sweater - Walnut 
Bailey Knit Sweater - Ivory 
Bailey Knit Sweater - Petal
Ribbed Lap Tee - Ash Stripe 
Ribbed Lap Tee - Dusty Blue
Ribbed Lap Tee - Clay
Ribbed Knotted Baby Gown - Ash Stripe - Ash Ivory 
Ribbed Knotted Baby Gown - Dusty Blue
Ribbed Knotted Baby Gown - Clay 


Knit Tie Bloomer - Dusty Blue 

Pointelle Leggings - Dark Floral - Dark Sea 
Ribbed Legging - Ash Stripe
Ribbed Legging - Dusty Blue 
Ribbed Legging - Clay 
Ribbed Bloomer - Ash Stripe 
Ribbed Bloomer - Dusty Blue 
Ribbed Bloomer - Clay 
Fleece Sweatpant - Dark Sea 
Fleece Sweatpant - Polka Dot - Walnut 
Fleece Sweatpant - Ash 
Fleece Sweatpant - Hearts - Petal 
Knit Pant - Ivory
Knit Pant - Petal 
Knit Tie Bloomer - Walnut 

Rompers and Jumpsuits:

Fleece Jumpsuit - Dark Sea

Fleece Jumpsuit - Hearts - Petal 
Knit Dalia Romper - Natural 
Knit Dalia Romper - Clay 


Ribbed Longsleeve Dress - Dusty Blue 

Longsleeve Ruffle V Dress - Petite Floral - Natural 
Longsleeve Ruffle V Dress - Dark Floral - Dark Sea
Ribbed Longsleeve Dress - Ash Stripe - Ash Ivory

Blankets and Accessories:

Knit Pom Beanie - Walnut 

Ribbed Baby Blanket - Ash Stripe
Chunky Knit Baby Blanket - Dusty Blue
Chunky Knit Baby Blanket - Walnut
Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Ash Stripe 
Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Dusty Blue 
Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Clay 
Knit Pom Beanie - Dusty Blue
Knit Bonnet - Natural 
Knit Bonnet - Clay 
Ribbed Knotted Headband - Dusty Blue 
Ribbed Knotted Headband - Clay 
Solid Ribbed Tights - Dusty Blue 
Solid Ribbed Tights - Clay
Sock Set - Clay / Dusty Blue / Honey / Ash 
Knit Booties - Natural 


Pointelle Bringing Home Baby Set - Petite Floral - Natural
Ribbed Baby Play Set - Ash Stripe - Ash Ivory 


Check out everything we have online and in store today!

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