Get Ready to Save at The Baby Cubby Tent Sale!

Get Ready to Save at The Baby Cubby Tent Sale!

Since we opened our doors at The Baby Cubby, we've been stocking our shelves with the best of everything baby, and that is why we LOVE taking the party outside and giving you discounts at our tent sale!

Every year we have mamas lining up at our store to get their hands on the gear and goods from their wish lists, and this year we plan on seeing the same excitement-- and, mama let me tell you, we've got all kind of sales for you!

So if you've been holding off to get some of your must-have baby items, here's everything you need to know about this fall's tent sale at The Baby Cubby!

Place and Time

The Baby Cubby tent sale will be Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th. On both days, we will be open our normal business hours from 10 a.m. -7:30 p.m.. Our larger items like strollers, furniture, and car seats will normally be kept outside, but we will also have sales going on inside the store!

Lines and Crowds

Every year, our tent sale has brought in big crowds, and we expect this year to have a line outside the store like we've seen in past years. You are more than welcome to come as early as you'd like to wait in line for the doors to open at 10 a.m.! Since the crowds are going to be big and you're going to want to hustle to get your faves right away, we recommend that you leave strollers and slow husbands at home. We love having our kids in the store, but if you feel like they could be prone to wandering or you would get overwhelmed with keeping track of them, we think it's safer to come in solo shopping mode!

Sales and Payment

We will be accepting cash and card payments as well as our mamas who have Baby Cubby gift cards to burn! There is no cap on how many items you can buy-- get as much as you want! We have discounts as high as 50% off and will have sale items in almost every category from our inventory. There's no way to know how quickly we'll sell, but we expect to have plenty of goodies for our mamas on both Friday and Saturday!

Inventory and Online

This year will be the first time we'll be offering online discounts for anything that isn't sold during the tent sale-- that means that all of our mamas who aren't local can also get the amazing savings on our inventory! If you know that there's something you want, it makes sense to come early on Friday morning to make sure that it isn't gone before you have a chance to purchase-- this year we expect to have a lot of furniture, bigger gear, and even some open-box/returned items that you can get your hands on at sale prices!

This year, we are planning on having more items for sale than every before at our tent sale, and that means you can get more of the best for your baby for less! Make sure you get to The Baby Cubby early, get ready to grab your faves, and come ready to save, mamas!

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