Get Your Littles Back-to-School Ready!

Get Your Littles Back-to-School Ready!

I cannot be alone when I say that back to school shopping is my favorite thing of all time. When I was younger, as young as elementary school, I would plan out my whole first week of school outfits. I'm not the only one, am I mamas?

Back-to-school style is such a fun way to get your littles excited for the end of summer, and at The Baby Cubby, we've got all your school-day staples with a little bit of style and personality for your littles to rock when they get back to it this fall!

A Great Backpack

There is nothing more important for a little than their pack that they're stacking full of all their supplies, snacks, books, projects, and everything else that a crazy busy school year throws their way. The Fjallraven Mini Backpacks are the perfect size for any of our littles, and they're going to be durable enough to stand up to even the toughest elementary kid! And I also live for the fact that this thing is machine washable because who doesn't need to give everything their kid brings home from school a good sanitary cycle every once in a while, am I right mamas?

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

The last thing that we need this school year is shoes that don't hold up to the crazy school days of recess, PE, running to lunch, and making all kinds of moves! Getting your kids a great pair of Native Shoes will mean that you're sending them in a versatile shoe that can go from indoors to outdoors without missing a beat, and I love that they have colors that will match any kid's personality! Getting them the perfect pair of slip-ons, or sending them in an absolutely adorable pair of booties means you know they'll be able to handle a whole day on their feet or in their seats.

Staples with Personality

Every kid needs new socks for the start of a new school year, right? Because somehow only like 3 pairs have lasted through the summer. Whether they were eaten by the dryer or got left at the park, you're going to need to invest in a few new pairs! So why not get them some cute socks with a little bit of personality and funky vibe. I love giving my kids little pops of crazy in an otherwise cute and put together outfit! Stance Socks are so incredibly comfortable, and they're perfect for active kids who do not need to be dealing with sweaty, uncomfortable feet all day! Get them in tons of cool and unique styles and designs and let them express themselves whether they're in uniforms at school, or able to rock their own style year round!

Jefferson Bling - Milk Pink with Shell White
Jefferson Bling - Milk Pink with Shell White

Mix and Match to Perfection

Every kid needs the perfect first day of school outfit, because every mama needs the perfect first day of school picture of their adorable littles! The great thing about all the clothing we carry at The Baby Cubby is that you can mix and match them all to make sure that your kids can dress cute all year long without making tons of purchases on new pieces too often! Put your little babes in an adorable little dress and mix it with tights, knee highs, or a pair of sneakers and you've got three different looks! Incorporate color and fun little pieces like bows or clips to add texture and sparkle, and your littles will love to get dressed before school... even if, for some of us, it means getting up with the sun and running out the door with a half-eaten granola bar.

Whether you've got a little preschooler like me or you're dressing big kids, The Baby Cubby is here to help you stock up on all the back-to-school clothing that will keep your littles' wardrobe fun and fashionable all year long!

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