Gorgeous Grounded Mat

Gorgeous Grounded Mat

When you have a little one who spends most of her time playing around on the ground, you are probably searching for something that's comfortable for play, easy to clean up after snack time, and won't totally clash with your decor.

Grounded Company Circular Play Mat - Seaside

Grounded play mats are the perfect piece to fit every mama's style, and fit into every babe's active little life. If your babe is still working on the whole movement thing--rolling, tummy time, grabbing his cute little toes, etc., then this mat is going to be comfortable enough for any of his plans. It's also padded enough that it'll work for my mamas who are rocking that no-carpet house look (by choice or not *sigh*).
This mat is a great size (38” X 38”) whether your babe is moving, playing, or eating. A lot of mamas love to place this cutie underneath their high chairs to help with cleanup at the end of the night. And with soft, vegan leather that is easy to wipe clean, this is a straight-up mama win! And if your little one gets a little too messy on your mat, no problems, mama! Just throw it in the wash and hang it to dry.
Another great feature of this mat is it is super easy to bring with you wherever your little one is tagging along. Headed to the park? Going over to a friend's/babysitter's place? Need a safe place to play while you're at the airport? The Grounded mat is going to be your go-to to keep with you at all times!
Probably the most unique thing about the Grounded play mats is the fact that the front design is hand painted. It's a durable and soft polyester, and the beautiful design makes it a perfect piece to keep in your home while your babes are making memories! To keep your design looking its best, you'll need to spot treat it as often as you can, because cleaning it in the washing machine will make it look a little more lived on.

If you're looking for a piece to fit into your life, that is also comfortable, cute and practical for day-in and day-out use, then the Grounded play mat is going to be the perfect thing to help your little one play and grow!

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