Halloween Madness

Halloween Madness

Halloween can be a crazy time of year with a lot going on. Often times, this is because of your kids' schedules composed of school costume parades, and them wanting to trick-or-treat. Let's not forget those early trick-or-treaters knocking at your door.

These events also tend to overtake, or nullify any fun plans you and your partner had for the evening. These scenarios tend to make Halloween a divide-and-conquer event for parents. At The Baby Cubby, we have some different products to help make this chaotic time of year just a little bit easier. Here are some last-minute costume ideas, and some crafts while your kids wait to go out trick-or-treating tonight.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

A big brother pretending to do a doctor check up on his little brother with the PlanToys Doctor Set.
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PlanToys Doctor Set with an assortment of kids play doctor tools and kit.
The PlanToys Doctor Set is a great way to create a quick doctor costume for a younger child. All he or she needs are some scrubs, or even just a white coat.
The Toysmith Light Up Magic Wand. It is bright pink with sparkles and has a star on top.
The Toysmith Light Up Magic Wand is a fun way to add some interest to a costume you already have, or to create a quick fairy ensemble.
The PlanToys Tool Belt has a little fabric belt with wooden tools slid into its pockets.
The PlanToys Tool Belt is a quick option for a Bob the Builder, or construction worker costume. The only other things you may need are a hat and some casual clothes to put on underneath.

Crafts For Pre-Trick-or-Treating

Need a little fun before you go out to trick-or-treat? You may find some of these ideas useful!

Ooly  Coloring Book in Outrageous Ocean.
Ooly Color-in' Book in Outrageous Ocean
Ooly 3D Inflatable Toy Swords.
Ooly 3D Colorables Inflatable Coloring Toy Mighty Swords
The Tiger Tribe Transfer Magic Create A Robot packaging.
Tiger Tribe Transfer Magic Create A Robot

We hope some of these costume ideas and crafts help you today as you prepare for your Halloween night. You can find any of the products listed at the BabyCubby.com.

Written by Hailey Zappettini

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