Happy 2021!

Happy 2021!


We’ve done it! Woot woot! The new year is here! I think we might all be breathing a very large collective sigh of relief. It's probably safe to say we're all looking forward to the many things 2021 will bring.

As we've all learned over the past year, nothing is impossible. We found ourselves in situations we never could have imagined, saying and doing things that were completely foreign to us 12 months ago. Because of the bizarre year we've all had, I think we might have come out of it a little bit on top.

Now I'm not going to hypothesize that the world with go back to "normal" or that all our problems will disappear with the turning over of the calendar page, but I am going to optimistically and purposefully jump into the near year ready for whatever craziness comes upon me!

Level Up


Every year I like to have a theme I refer to and hold myself to. (Let's be honest, I don't always stick to it, or even remember what it is, but I do think my intentions are always pretty awesome.) This year as I've considered where I want to be as a mom, a wife, on my fitness and spiritual journeys, I've come across the phrase "level up" and I've fallen in love with the concept. It will be a term I hope to incorporate into my family in the way we think, talk, and live.

Leveling up to me means taking things to the next level. According to Google it means, "improving your current station in a way that feels like a powerful shift. It starts with a change in thought, a shift in mindset, followed by a brave action." Well said, Google. The next level is going to be more challenging -- I'll cry and want to stay where I've been comfortable. I might even fall short. But leveling up is where growth and success can happen. I won't reach my goals when I'm comfortable. It will happen with action. With belief. With trial and error.

To some, 2021 brings a chance to set some new goals and get a fresh start in life. It’s the time of year where dreams are being created and plans are in the making. I hope wherever you find yourself today, that you'll be able to look forward to the new year with optimism and maybe even a desire to level up as well.

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