Happy Birthday, Tegu! You're Six!

Happy Birthday, Tegu! You're Six!

Have you heard of Tegu Blocks?! Basically, these are the solution to your stepping-on-a-Lego-in-the-middle-of-the-night issue.  Also, they are FREAKING COOL. Do you want to know why? Uh, yes. Yes, you do. On the basics, Tegu makes magnetic wooden block toys that have magnets in very specific places. You can build to your hearts content, but don't have to worry about small pieces floating around (super great if you have an older child and a tiny baby that is starting to put things in their mouths. No more choking hazard!)

Deceptively Developmental

Tegu blocks

Tegu blocks are perfect for little hands and help children learn about math and physics!

So the cool thing about these blocks are that they are made with children's development in mind. Tegu believes that play and learning are not mutually exclusive - they actually believe that when children are playing they are able to learn more (which, p.s., is actually true!). In order to maximize developmental learning, Tegu studied how children hold and play with blocks. They also identified some specific learning targets (fine motor skills, pattern recognition, imaginative play, etc). So, not only are these blocks designed to be fun for your child, but they are also designed to promote learning and development. Tegu accomplished this in a few different ways:

1. Each type of block is based off of the basic cube block (meaning that the planks are all 1/4 of the cube tall and 2-4 cubes in length for example). This helps children learn about proportions and fractions without even thinking about it!

2. Not all the magnets are turned so that they'll always fit together - some have the south pole facing out and others the north. This means that your child can learn about opposites attracting (uh, physics, anyone?!) while they are putting things together!

3. With all of their new designs and colors, Tegu blocks promote imaginary play which is especially helpful for older children as they make connections about the world and different roles.

Tegu Blocks

Tegu has sets of blocks like this awesome Magbot to help children find a place to start! 

Charity Work

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu plants enough trees to fill a football field for
every one tree they cut down, how cool is that?!

So one of the things I LOVE about Tegu Magnetic Blocks is that their company was created in part to support the surrounding community. They are based in Honduras and believe in paying a living wage to all of their employees (super awesome, by the way - especially for the area). Tegu has also partnered with the school Amor, Fe y Esperanza (AFE). AFE was created for the children whose parents work at the Tegucigalpa city trash dump, and may otherwise would not receive an education. They work with the school via donations and workshops! And, on top of all of that, Tegu also plants 983 trees (enough to fill a football field) for every 1 tree they cut down. Um, how cool are they?! Tegu really makes it possible to feel good about purchasing their product!

Basically,  these are the coolest blocks on the block.

Tegu blocks will help your children (and the world!) on so many fronts! Safe, eco-friendly, and interesting for children of all ages (yes, even grandma's and grandpa's!) they will keep your child entertained for hours. Watch as they create worlds of their own with these blocks while learning about math and physics! If you are a parent who wants toys that are fun for the whole family, then Tegu is the toy for you! Available on our website here and in our Utah Baby Store!

Tegu Race Car
With race car, robot, and basic block sets you can’t go wrong with Tegu!

Here is a quick list of some of our favorite Tegu Block Sets & Toys

Tegu 6 -piece Pocket Pouch Prism - Nelson or Jungle
Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set
Tegu Robo Magnetic Wooden Block Set
Tegu 42-piece Set - Tints
Tegu 14-piece Set - Tints
Tegu 24-piece Set - Jungle
Tegu 8-piece Pocket Pouch - Tints
Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels
Tegu Travel Tote
Tegu Dart
Tegu Hatch

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